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Introducing Our Brand New Anti-Stress Magnesium Kit!

  • Published on: 06 February, 2017
  • Last update: 24 August, 2017

Hey friends! It’s finally here. Another piece of my heart & soul went out into the world today. I am overwhelmed, humbled, and beyond GRATEFUL for the support you guys have shown us already. Thank you to everyone who has purchased today and made this launch unforgettable!

Our anti-stress magnesium kit is now live in our store: it’s an organic passionfruit magnesium tea & a rapidly absorbed transdermal spray!

Both come together in a beautiful custom box. They are also available separately, but getting them as kit gives you a $10 discount.

Why Magnesium?

As many of you know, I cannot stress enough how important minerals are to our well-being. They are responsible for electrical activity in the body (and thus brain conductivity). Without electrolytes/minerals like magnesium, muscles can’t fire, your heart cannot beat, and your brain doesn’t receive the proper signals (which can play a huge role in neurotransmitter imbalance and ADHD). Orthomolecular Medicine, one of my favorite lenses with which to look at disease, treats illnesses by finding what’s missing in terms of an individual’s nutritional needs (based on age, sex, activity, stress and the presence of disease). It often frustrates me that pharmaceutical-based medicine does the opposite and uses substances that deplete our stores further, instead of exploring what vitamins & minerals need to be replenished in order for our organism to enter a state of balance.

source: Drug Muggers (book)

I always say that magnesium and zinc are my favorite minerals, and that’s because they are the first to be depleted when the body gets stressed. When you’re overextending yourself, not sleeping enough, or even emotionally taxed, your magnesium level drops rapidly because it’s being utilized for certain processes temporarily – hoping that there’s a catch up plan! I always know when I’ve overdone it at the gym because my eye will start to twitch (one of the many signs of low mag). I use my topical magnesium spray after each workout to replenish what I’ve lost in sweat.

This chart is a great visual of the symptoms magnesium deficiency can contribute to. I created this product precisely because of this: it has SUCH far-reaching effects in the human body and can make life so much more comfortable for those who already have a lot on their plates.

Our Magnesium Kit: What’s Inside

We’ve created an ‘anti-stress kit’ designed to give you two methods of delivery to replenish the world’s most depleted mineral. Magnesium is required for over 300 enzymatic reactions, phase II liver detox, proper fat breakdown, and DNA repair in the midst of environmental pollutants. It is known as the calming mineral.

  • Component #1: ‘CALM THE BODY’ TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM SPRAY – Our rapidly absorbed spray goes from your skin to your bloodstream in seconds for complete tissue saturation. Derived from the Zechstein seabed, benefits of this concentrated form of magnesium include improved sleep quality, reduced muscle cramps, enhanced athletic performance, and improved mood. Enhanced with the essential oils of lavender & german chamomile.

  • Component #2: ‘CALM THE MIND’ PASSIONFRUIT ACAI MAGNESIUM TEA – Our lightly flavored organic tea powder packs over 350mg magnesium per serving so you can get a full, nourishing dose before bed or after a workout. The powder makes a warm, soothing tea when placed in hot water. Benefits include relation, reduced headaches and pain, and healthy hormone production (including stress hormones!)


Q: Will the spray tingle?
A: Any magnesium spray will make your skin tingle/itch when you are magnesium deficient. Some may experience this at first. As your stores become replenished, this will get better & better. In the beginning you can spray it on your body 15 minutes before a shower (to give it time to sink in), then wash it off to minimize any discomfort.

Q: How many sprays should kids use?
A: 2-3 sprays as needed, several times per day.

Q: Why a tea & spray rather than a supplement with capsules?
A: There are many supplements on the market that are in capsule form – including my own parasite cleanse and immune booster! It’s a great delivery method, but not everyone wants to (or can) swallow pills every day. This is a different way to incorporate magnesium supplementation into your routine. Although ‘Calm The Mind’ is considered a tea, think of it as the same powder we would encapsulate into pills (except it tastes amazing!) A 2 teaspoon serving is 350mg, just like a 1-2 capsule serving would be. The spray is the same concept: there’s approx. 130mg of magnesium in 8 sprays. With a transdermal spray, you have a bit of an advantage over pills because it’s directly absorbed into the skin rather than having to go through the stomach. You get more bang for your buck!

Important Note

Although our Calm The Mind magnesium tea has a full 8 ounces of product by weight, the powder itself will not come up to the brim of the container. Due to the nature of manufacturing this formula, we had to use a larger container (16oz) to leave ample room for the 8oz powder to settle.

I hope you guys love what we’ve created. Thank you again for your support over these past few years. You’ve made this all possible!

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I really wish with all my heart you’d bring this item back. Idk where else to find the equivalent 😩

Karen Moshe


Hi Crystal,

Shoot our support team a quick email, we have some great alternatives we’d love to share with you.


How do I order the calm the mind kit online? Am from NZ

Karen Moshe


Hi Diana,

We have discontinued this item at this time. Stay tuned for some fun new things to come.

-Team Organic Olivia

Sash Razaq

How can i order


; I ordered this duo as well as the parasite cleanse, would I be able to take all of these product together or should I stick to the parasite cleanse first and do the mag powder and spray after I am done ? – Thank you!

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