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Never Feel Guilty for Removing Toxic People from Your Life

  • Published on: 26 December, 2016
  • Last update: 07 August, 2017


Never feel guilty for distancing yourself from Qi (energy) vampires. Sometimes the people we love the MOST, even family, can be very emotionally toxic due to their own spiritual turmoil.

As much as we want to help that person, it’s up to them to do the internal healing work. Pain will blossom into growth for those who can find meaning, but you can never force someone else to see the blessing in their suffering- it’s too personal. Trust that someday they will look back and understand exactly why things had to happen this way, but we can’t show them what they don’t choose to see.

As much as your instinct wants to help people heal & change, true transformation is only sparked from within. The best thing you can do is love that person unconditionally from afar and realize their behavior has nothing to do with you. Support them without allowing them to manipulate, harm, intimidate or dump on you.

Accept the pain they are in and understand that the best way you can help them is to be a shining example of self love and positive habits. You can only see the light in others that you see in yourself, so BE the light. Make the most of yourself so that you can uplift your community. Surround yourself with the people you want to be, because you will inevitably emulate them.

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I love this post. I should print it and frame it, so I can be reminded every time that I’m doing the correct thing by avoiding those toxic people in my life. I often think I’m a terrible person for doing so, but reading this article reassured me that its ok. Thank you Olivia.


thank you for this message Olivia. I am finally, after 24 years, facing the truth that my parents have had no regards for my feelings and how their mistakes have haunted my sister & I. Ive always tried to find forgiveness when it comes to all the pain they have caused us. I avoided ever telling them how we really feel in fear that I would hurt them, when truly that perspective has been hurting me all along. They have been troubled since before our births, hoping that they will change is farfetched. It has been so painful to accept, but I am really starting to rise up again, this time stronger, wiser and more courageous. namaste <3

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