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Last Minute Gifts for the 10 Types of Conscious People in Your Life

  • Published on: 16 December, 2016
  • Last update: 16 December, 2016

You can find the shirt I’m wearing » HERE « and the bag below x

Hey friends! I recently bought this gorgeous faux leather bag on Amazon, and thought to myself – this would be the perfect last minute gift for a lovely vegan friend of mine. Then I realized, there are probably other people out there who wait until the last minute too and could use some quick gift ideas before the holidays creep up. Alas, this blog post was born!! I have a unique list here for the “10 Types of Conscious People in Your Life” because I know you guys (and your tribes) are anything but ordinary 🙂 AND, they’re almost all Amazon Prime so that they get to you in ~2 days. If they’re not Prime, I chose businesses owned by friends of mine (+ one has jewelry of my own!) that I know ship lightning fast.

Love you guys and hope you enjoy.

1. For the vegan fashionista in your life: Vegan Faux Leather Bag + Cruelty Free Lipstick


Every health conscious girl needs a stylish bag to hold her essentials (including her herbs!) This adorable vegan leather bag is petite yet practical – just the size I was looking for. It’s made of PU (Poly) Synthetic Leather, a man made material that mimics the look and feel of genuine leather but in fact is not! This material for the most part is waterproof and easily cleaned or maintained. Best of all, this bag was only $26 on Amazon. Budget friendly and chic! I also recommend Vapour Organic Lipstick in the shade Courage (a beautiful red) for a girl who is more into makeup. It’s cruelty-free, non-toxic, does not contain petroleum, and moisturizes like charm.


2. For the yogi: Non-Toxic Yoga Mat


As any yogi knows, there are numerous connections between the philosophy of yoga and caring for the earth. We also practice yoga to care, first and foremost, for our precious temple – so you want to make sure you aren’t laying on dangerous material while you do so! This eco-friendly mat is free of latex, rubber, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals. It is also SGS-Certified and 100% recyclable. Plus, it’s made by a husband-and-wife team in Seattle so you’ll be supporting small business in the process. Bam!

3. For the workout junkie with aches & pains: Arnica Muscle Spray + Seaweed Soak


Help your extra-fit friend this season with a care package of muscle-soothing goodies. I’m a sucker for a nice hot bath, and while Epsom Salts are my inexpensive go-to, this seaweed soak is a special, luxurious treat. Kelp contains a ton of minerals that help the body detox after a vigorous sweat session. Arnica Spray on the other hand is for areas that need immediate attention. I use it on back and neck pain when I’m staring at my computer for too long, but it works like a charm on muscle aches too!

4. For the healthy bookworm: Life Changing Foods + You Can Heal Your Life + 10 Secrets of Healthy People


These are some of my favorite books from 2016. If you know someone who is health-conscious and loves to read, these will be a HIT! Life Changing Foods was written by Anthony William, better known as Medical Medium. This book motivates me more than anything else to put whole foods in my body because he goes into detail about the physical and spiritual implications of different fruits, veggies, and herbs. That energetic/spiritual insight is what makes it so unique and fun to me. Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life also touches on the emotional + spiritual aspects that interact with physical health, but in a different way. She explores blockages, negative beliefs and traumas that can contribute to illness. For example, having fear of the outside world can cause us to put on weight as a protective mechanism. Or, being unable to accept pleasure can contribute to swelling and edema. We’ve all been there before when emotional constipation has led to actual physical constipation – so I really resonate with what she says! Lastly, 10 Secrets of 100% Healthy People is a book I picked up while I was in London and it’s one of my favorite reads to date. I read it in one sitting at an airport when I missed my flight! The author ACTUALLY studied the healthiest people on earth. He lists data of what they all had in common – and what they all collectively avoided! What interested me the most is that over 83% of them believed in some type of a higher power and practiced prayer or gratitude (and that almost all of them took supplements including Vitamin C way into old age!)

5. For the truth-seeking conspiracy theorist: Thrive Documentary +  None Dare Call it Conspiracy + Moon Landing Tee


Ho-ho-hWAKEUP. If you know, you know. None Dare Call it Conspiracy is *THE* must-own book for all who want to know the basic workings of the global network of insiders that is determined to wield power over all of mankind. You also get insight into the Federal Reserve, the CFR, the Bilderberger group, and more. Thrive Documentary is a great gift to give for those who are just starting to look beyond the narrative we’ve been told. Many people feel uncomfortable about aspects in our society, but do not know exactly why. This films explains why their sense of discomfort is right and well founded. It talks about how we as a society are manipulated and kept from our true nature. I love it and found it very unbiased without leaning towards any political agenda. Lastly, do I really have to explain? This Moon Landing Tee says “Nevada, 1969.” Like I said – if you know, you know! 😉

6. For the spiritual junkie: Nada Chair (meditation back support) + Healing Crystal Bracelet + Sage Smudge Stick


A few years ago at ‘The Green Festival’ in NYC I tried out the Nada Chair. It’s actually not a ‘chair’ at all, but rather a harness that keeps your back straight and body in alignment during meditation. For me, one of the hardest parts of meditation is getting my body in a comfortable position so that I can only be in my mind. This harness makes it SO easy (and it’s one of those cool inventions I wish I thought of!) As a spiritual junkie myself, I loooooove crystals in my home and adorning my body, which is why I’ve had a handmade crystal jewelry shop for the past few years. It’s a passion that I do on the side with my partner Nick and there’s nothing more fulfilling than working with the earth’s gifts. That’s why we named it Living Earth Jewelry! In our shop, you can pick up California grown sage smudge sticks for $8. In terms of our necklaces, I recommend our ultimate best seller, the Good Luck + Aura Protection Necklace made with myrrh, frankincense, and 24K gold flakes. My personal favorite bracelet is our I Deserve Abundance, made with malachite and a hot pepper to remind you that you’re one hot tamale! Use the code “LIGHTNING” to get free 1-3 day domestic shipping with any purchase.


If your spiritual friend is more into crystals of the DMT kind (hahaha just kidding – but not really!), check out my friend Lee’s incredible collection of real-life psychedelic experiences shared from all around the world. It’s called The Psychedelic Anthology and I absolutely love it. As a person who is too afraid to try out psychedelics myself (although that may change in the future), I’m grateful to be able to envision what it feels like through these peoples’ eyes. Psychedelics help many people face and get through trauma, and I love the emotion in this collection of writing. You can check out and order the book here.


7. For the detox enthusiast: Rebounder (mini trampoline) + Dry Brush (lymph detox)


At a cool $26, this mini rebounder is my favorite part of my office! I love taking writing breaks and jumping on the trampoline to get my blood flowing (and brain working). Your circulatory system has a heart to pump your blood, but your lymphatic system has no pump at all! This means it can get sluggish quite easily, leading to hair loss, cellulite, weight gain, and acne. Jumping up and down on a rebounder is low impact, and gives your lymph the pump it needs. I can’t tell you what a difference this makes when I’m sitting all day. A dry brush is another great lymphatic pumping tool. You use the brush along your skin in the direction of your heart to flush out toxic lymph and waste. I like doing this in the shower, as I get some nice exfoliation done at the same time! (I also enjoy the fact that this brush has a detachable handle since sometimes you want a handheld).

8. For the cleanest eater you know: Sprouted Cinnamon Almond Butter + Kombucha Home Brew Kit


Listen. If you know us clean eaters, you know that we like our almonds sprouted and our kombucha homemade! (Well, actually, I buy kombucha from the store…. but my wallet would be a LOT happier if I bought this damn brew kit. I think this might be my Christmas present to MYSELF! Haha). You know the deal – when you sprout almonds, it reduces the anti-nutrients such as phytic acid and makes them easier to digest. Plus, this almond butter is straight up addicting. If you’re a guy and you buy this for your girlfriend, you WILL win man of the year. It’s science. And the kombucha kit? Fun, saves you money, and leaves you with the probiotics that just keep on giving. Win win.

9. For the crunchy mama: Essential Oil Diffuser + Glass Water Bottle Family Pack + Extra Large Organic Bath Bombs


Most health conscious mamas have essential oils on hand for when their kids get scrapes, bug bites, hives, etc. Why not build on that and give them a way to use these beautiful oils for themselves? This wood diffuser is sooo beautiful and can help moms relax after a long day of caring for their (energetic) babies 😀 The glass water bottle 4 pack is a no brainer – it’s inexpensive and such a great way for mom to eliminate toxin exposure (BPAs, phthalates) for the whole family. Last but not least, mama needs some bath bombs. This 6 pack of bath bombs is NOT playing any games – they are huuuuuuge @ 4.2 oz each. Plus, they are completely organic and mom has a selection so she can choose exactly what she needs at the moment: muscle relief, get well soon, relaxation, etc.

10. For the urban gardener: Organic Mushroom Farm + Mason Jar Herb Kit


I don’t think there’s any better gift for those who live in urban areas than the gift of indoor plants. Especially plants that feed them! This organic mushroom farm grows oyster mushrooms right out of the box in 10 days. This is a great gift for kids, too – it really helps them to appreciate where their food comes from. I also love the mason jar herb kit! You get 4 half pint glass mason jars filled with soil, seeds, and everything you need to grow your very own seasoning. Yum. All you need to do is water once a week!

Phew. That was a lot, and I hope I covered everyone! See you guys soon and let me know if any of these gifts were a hit.

xo, Organic Olivia

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Jenny Sturch

I wish I was on your last minute list!!! All of these gifts are amazing!


Super rad list, I want it all. Adding to my Amazon prime stat. Thank you! Much love from the west coast 💋🌙

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