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Why A Daily Raw Carrot is Your Best Detox Supplement

  • Published on: 22 October, 2016
  • Last update: 07 August, 2017


There are many powerful medicines available on this earth today. Some are in the form of natural supplements, many of which I’ve used over the years to heal or continue to use for maintenance.

An example of what has worked for me include…

  • a B complex vitamin to combat my MTHFR mutation (worth testing with a doc if you’ve had ANY sort of chronic illness),
  • SAM-e for depression (video coming soon – for now read my original blog post on it),
  • Magnesium for stress reduction, deep sleep & anxiety (I’m even working on my very own magnesium kit as we speak!)
  • And of course, as you know, I’ve created my own parasite cleanse after it helped tremendously with my acne & digestive issues.

While I love the invention of these convenient modern luxuries, I will never forget that deep healing & lasting prevention happens slowly, over time, via the food we eat. Supplements simply speed the process and make up for individual gaps. For example, some of us may live in areas where our soil is heavily depleted of magnesium due to overfarming and pesticides; this means the leafy greens that were adequate for our great grandparents may not be enough- especially if the body is under stress!)


Since these tools only complement what we already eat, I make sure to consume powerful medicinal staples like carrots.

Here is why I’d choose a daily raw carrot over any bottle on my shelf:

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