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My Favorite Organic Makeup: Easy Fall Glam Look

  • Published on: 28 October, 2016
  • Last update: 29 August, 2017

Happy Fall my friends! The season of cinnamon/pumpkin everything, curling up by the fire (or in my case space heater) with a good book, and of course, some deeper & richer makeup looks! I don’t know about you guys, but I give my skin a huuuuuuge break in the summer. I don’t have the patience for much more than lipgloss and mascara when it’s 95 degrees in New York. I’m just trying to enjoy nature, spread love, and make sure my deodorant is on point.

But when fall comes knocking?!

I’m ALL about that sultry red lip and smoky eye. A switch just flips in me and I suddenly want to leave the house looking like a badass vampire princess. Especially because everyone goes all fashionista on me in the streets with long boots and trench coats and dark purple lipstick. I am so here for it. ??

Thankfully, I have some makeup recommendations for you whether you’re the hug-trees-summer-hippie version of me, or the winged-eyeliner-on-point fall version. The both of us are very passionate about making sure that whatever we put in AND on my body is not going to harm me in the long run. I plan to be blogging ’til I’m like 90, so I need some non-toxic paraben-free makeup that doesn’t screw with my hormones. You too? Good. You sound like my kinda girl.

Here’s a list of the stuff I put on my face today. Hope your face likes it too!! x

  1. FOUNDATION – I used Kjaer Weiss Just Sheer Foundation from Citrine Beauty, the place where I buy 95% of my makeup. Melissa (the owner) is an expert and always gives me recommendations for my skin tone and type. Her instagram is @citrinebeautyaz and she’s super helpful if you send her a DM! For contour, I used the same foundation in a deeper shade.


2. CONCEALER – I think I’ve talked about this concealer 538295 times on my website/Snapchat/insta. It’s the only concealer I will ever need, and it’s called RMS “UnCoverup”. The base is castor and coconut oil so it’s craaaazy moisturizing on my undereyes. Set with a little RMS translucent powder (or any skin toned powder you like) and it doesn’t budge.

3. BROWS – I am obsessed with brows. They truly are the nipples of the face. I used EcoBrow in the shade Sharon. It’s meant for medium to light ash brown hair (and mine of course is dark), but I always choose a really light shade so that I can fill in generously without looking like Oscar the Grouch.


4. MASCARA – Mascara is another must-have product of mine. I can leave the house with only my lashes done and feel great. I’ve searched far and wide for a clean/non-toxic alternative that doesn’t smudge or run like most natural brands. The winner by far is Perfekt Lash Perfecting Gel. You’re going to love it, I promise!!


5. LIPS – My new all-time favorite red lip is Kjaer Weis “Adore”. I’m OBSESSED with the pigment. This is truly the perfect red and I can’t wait to wear it all season long.


6. EYESHADOW – Last but not least, you have to have a good basic goldish/brown palette for the fall. Antonym’s Quattro Shadow in Noisette is my jam.

Let me know if you have any makeup recommendations I should try. I’m always looking for fun ways to play with my look. Time in front of the mirror with a palette and the music blasting can be a fun form of art and self-care, and it’s one of my favorite ways I have “me time.” Talk to you guys soon! xx

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Emma tidman

Hiiiii, would you recommend a certain brand for organic makeup? I have waisted so much money in finding the perfect deodorant for me that I need a good push in the right direction in regards to makeup… thank you <3



Hi Emma – Olivia has listed some of her favorite makeup brands here – – Team Organic Olivia


The whole article isn’t showing 🙁


Hey Olivia, is there a brand of nail polish you would recommend? Thank you so much!!!

Christy smith

Oh my goooosh yes thank you

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