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Why Your Breakfast Cereal May Be Toxic

  • Published on: 09 September, 2016
  • Last update: 07 August, 2017


A typical American breakfast is a bowl of cereal – most of which is advertised as ‘healthy whole grains’ or ‘fortified with vitamins.’ Not only are those vitamins synthetic (and usually eliminated by your body as quickly as possible), these grains are a far cry from their natural whole form, and made by a process called “extrusion.”

An extruder is an industrial machine that produces little flakes, O’s and other shapes and puffed grains using high temperatures and pressures. The cereal industry has convinced the FDA that extruded grains are no different from non-extruded grains and has contrived to ensure that no studies have been published on the effects of extruded foods on either humans or animals. However, two unpublished animal studies indicate that extruded grains are toxic, particularly to the nervous system.

Paul Stitt described one of these in his book “Fighting the Food Giants”. Four sets of rats were given special diets. One group received plain whole wheat, water, vitamins and minerals. Another group received Puffed Wheat, water and the same vitamin/mineral solution. A third set was given water and white sugar, and a fourth was given nothing but water and the chemical nutrients.

✖️The rats that received the whole wheat lived over a year on the diet.
✖️The rats that got nothing but water and vitamins lived for about eight weeks, and
✖️The rats on a white sugar and water diet lived for a month.

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