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Why Burdock Root is the Best Herb for Lymphatic Cleansing & Clear Skin

  • Published on: 09 September, 2016
  • Last update: 07 August, 2017



Burdock root is one of my top 5 favorite herbs of all time – even though it’s technically a root vegetable! You can find it in most Asian markets (and some farmers markets) and I promise it will change your life.

It is one of the liver loving ingredients in our parasite cleanse, and I eat it as often as I can in soups and stews (it cooks sort of like a carrot). It is also an ingredient in the world-renowned anti cancer Essiac/”Flor Essence” Tea (seriously, check the reviews on Amazon!)

Burdock is one of the only herbs that can stimulate lymphatic drainage (since lymph pumping is usually manual and requires exercise!) Because of this lymphatic cleansing ability, and its incredible plant chemical composition, burdock is a major cancer fighter, skin clearer, and liver healer.

As burdock goes to work on the liver, it is able to clear heat, anger, irritability, and restlessness. This has beneficial effects on arthritis, gout, infections, and other ‘angry’ inflammatory conditions. It further has a gentle diuretic action on the kidneys which helps clear the blood of harmful acids and aids in lower back pain, fluid retention, and sciatica.

Eaten as a food (usually peeled) in soups, stews, and stir fry, burdock is a cleansing yet strengthening food that helps lessen sweet cravings and aids in treating diabetes. Because of its slight bitter qualities, it greatly improves digestion (same reason people have always eaten bitter green salads before the main course!)


MAIN INDICATIONS FOR USE: General detoxification, all skin diseases (acne,eczema,rashes), fever, styes, boils, arthritis, rheumatism, toxicity of blood, cancer, kidney inflammation. Combine with yellow dock for best results with acne, psoriasis, and eczema! Enjoy 🙂

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Burdock root shouldn’t be consumed often as ive read it can be dangerous. Please do some more research on this before adding to most meals during the week. Thanks


how would you combine these two foods (yellow docks and burdock root)? What is the best way to consume them?..raw, or in tea or cooked in a stew or soup?

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