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The Forgotten & Ancient Health Benefits of Body Piercings

  • Published on: 16 August, 2016
  • Last update: 07 August, 2017


Acupressure of the ear, or auricular therapy, is a specialized branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that deals only with meridian points on the front and back of the external ear. There are hundreds of very tiny points for different organs, the spine, the teeth, the pineal gland (intuition) and even emotional points for happiness and sedation. These points are pressed with a small hand-held tool that has solid gold and silver ends. The points can be worked with the instrument to help a specific organ, stop addictions and even release long-repressed emotional trauma. Going straight to a point on the ear can be even more effective than typical bodywork and acupuncture!


“The ear is the place where all the channels meet” – Ling Shu

In Ancient China, as a result of the success of auricular acupuncture, earrings came into being solely for health purposes rather than our modern-day decorative reasons. My humble opinion is that although we may *think* it’s just for decoration, we subconsciously/instinctively desire these piercings on specific points due to wisdom passed down from our ancestors that resides in our DNA. (China, of course, wasn’t the first or only place to employ these piercings for health purposes. Ancient India, Africa, and Natives from around the globe have always done the same).

I myself got a very out-of-character piercing when I was going through the most anxiety-inducing time of my life: a barbell in the center of my chest (which required two holes). After reading an article on Bloomfield Enterprise by a girl who had an identical experience (crazy, huh?!), it turns out that these two points are literally referred to as “the anxiety points.” The body always knows! Unfortunately all I’m left with today is a keloid scar since it didn’t heal properly, but at the time I remember feeling a great release when the piercing was inserted.

In ancient times, if an organ was low in energy, gold earrings would be placed in a pierced acu-point for stimulation; silver was used if the organ was overactive. Gemstones were added for therapeutic effects (i.e. ruby to regulate menstruation and enhance fertility) and the benefits were transmitted through the gold or silver.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.41.07 PM

It’s interesting to note that the modern-day point for everyone’s first ear piercing is right in the middle of the lobe. Many cultures have this point pierced when their children are very young. This is the intuitive, third eye, or ‘psychic’ point. The ancients said it was VERY important that gold rather than silver be worn here. Gold combined with amethyst or emerald will have an added positive effect.


Many people have also shared testimonies that a daith (inner cartilage) piercing on the upper part of the ear has done wonders for their migraines.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.41.58 PM

The outer cartilage flap holds the “hunger point” which can be pierced or stimulated via acupressure in those who want to lose weight. As I mentioned, the ear is FULL of points and they all have their own benefits.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.45.16 PM

It is a traditional practice in East Indian culture to pierce the nose on the left side with gold. This nose piercing spot is the stomach/“spleen” acupuncture point in Chinese medicine. In energetic terms, the “spleen” system strengthens the sexual organs and digestion. Physically, it cleans the blood and strengthens the immune system by removing dead red cells and make B cells which fight disease. As we said, a gold piercing stimulates and brings in energy. A pierced nose with a gold ring will constantly be stimulating the stomach, drawing in plenty of energy to give to digestion, immunity, and sexual/reproductive organs.


Interestingly enough, “Take your belly-button ring out!” is the first advice Amy Dickinson, vice president of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado, offers her patients with fertility problems. The navel intersects with what TCM calls the “conception vessel,” or the middle meridian up the body, which connects with the uterus.

“A belly ring impedes the flow of energy to the conception vessel, and could have an effect on fertility in some people,” she says.


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