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Unresolved Emotional Pain Suppresses Energy Flow Within the Body

  • Published on: 28 May, 2016
  • Last update: 13 April, 2018

So often, when our physical health begins to trouble us, anxiety and various other forms of mental turmoil tend to come along with it. Why? Because both have a very important common factor – the stagnation and suppression that comes from holding in our emotions and suffering in silence.

As many of you know, before I was able to heal and begin to master my own body, I was suffering with various physical ailments (IBS, cystic acne, elevated liver enzymes, chronic infections etc). As these illnesses got worse and worse, I noticed that my mental health would also deteriorate in a mirror-like fashion to what my body was going through. The intensity of the anxiety and depression I felt ebbed and flowed in the same waves as my physical suffering. Although my intuition saw the connection between the two, I brushed it off. I thought I was just unlucky – cursed maybe; I convinced myself that poor health and mental illness ran in my family, so this was my genetic destiny.

Years later, I now understand that the mind and body cannot be separated. I realized that part of the puzzle for both my bodily conditions and mental afflictions was exactly the same – unresolved emotional conflict. I wasn’t cursed, and sickness did not just ‘run in the family.’ However abuse, trauma, and a desperate cry for love certainly did, generation after generation.

At the very peak of my sickness, right before I ‘woke up’ and went the natural route, the health of my liver was dwindling fast. No one could figure out why my enzymes were high or why it was inflamed. At the same time, my anxiety was out of control. I attributed the suffering I experienced purely to these physical and mental ailments, thinking they were out of my control, rather than looking at the very real emotional causes that could be contributing to their manifestation in the first place.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, every organ is tied to an emotion. The fact that my liver was inflamed provided a clear indication of the type of emotional pain I needed to resolve. The liver is the seat of anger, and will build up major tension/heat/stagnation if you’re holding onto resentment (especially the self-resentment that is ingrained into you from abuse or dysfunctional relationships). Over time, that anger can no longer be contained: the “Liver Yang” (heat) rises, and transmits right up to the heart causing “Heart Fire,” otherwise known as anxiety. You can look for this phenomenon in your own body by checking your tongue. If the tip of your tongue is red, Heart Fire is present. (I can always tell if someone has anxiety by checking for this redness!)


It was when I began to do serious emotional release (writing, crying, screaming, singing, talking to a therapist, forgiveness ceremonies, starting my blog as an outlet and way to connect with community, etc.) that BOTH my anxiety and physical ailments began to subside, together. They were both related to unresolved anger that was blocking the energy flow through my organs, especially my liver and heart. The frustration, self-hatred and ‘heat’ built up for so long that it was even expressing itself through my skin via painful, inflamed cysts & nodules; they mirrored the way I felt inside. My body was dealing with stagnation the best it could, trying to excrete the build-up in any way possible. Every time I used physical tools such as herbs or juicing to assist my body in releasing this toxicity, more and more emotions would come out with it.

Unresolved emotional pain is one of the most important things we need to take care of when healing ourselves, perhaps even more important than diet and herbs. Expressing that pain and transmuting it (using it do something positive) is how we remove these blockages and live our healthiest lives.

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Thank you, confirmation of what I already knew but on a deeper level (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Peace & blessings.


This meant so much for me- thank you.

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