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After Feeling the Poisonous Effects of Pesticides, This Strawberry Farmer Went Organic!

  • Published on: 06 May, 2016
  • Last update: 06 May, 2016

Did you know that an acre of non-organic strawberries uses 300 lbs. of pesticides – which is 1,100% more than most other crops? USDA data found 9 carcinogens, 11 neurotoxins, 12 reproductive toxins, and 19 honeybee toxins when testing conventional strawberry samples.

Strawberries are one of the ‘dirty dozen’ fruits that you must buy organic!

Jim, the farmer in the video above was poisoned by these pesticides firsthand on his very own strawberry fields. After suffering from neurological issues for months (and finding out that almost 20,000 American farm workers are harmed by pesticides each year), Jim decided to go organic and prove everyone wrong.

“I talked to some of the people in the industry and said, can’t we get away without using any fumigants on strawberries? They said, no way – that’s impossible! I asked, what about rotating crops? They told me it would take too long. I said to myself, this looks like an opportunity!” – Jim speaking at the Methyl Iodide pesticide hearing.

Now, roughly 35 years after the pesticide incident, Jim has a thriving organic farm. Instead of chemicals, Jim has leaned on beneficial bugs, a single row planting technique, crop rotations, and other old school techniques that have become a lost art in today’s chemical-intensive farming world. One of the reasons that our soil is so depleted of minerals is because no one rotates crops anymore, so this organic farming method will actually improve the nutrient content of your food!

Vote with your dollars and support sustainable farming methods at your local farmers market – if/when you do buy conventional produce, rinsing in an a diluted apple cider vinegar solution can remove some (but not all) pesticide residue.

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