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Emotional Causes of Illness + How I Passed Parasites by Letting Go of Anger

  • Published on: 01 February, 2016
  • Last update: 07 August, 2017

For a long time, I have felt that diet and natural medicines such as herbs come first in healing the physical body – and don’t get me wrong, in a sense they certainly do.

However, they are not the “cure.” They are simply actions that personify the existence self love, and SELF LOVE is the cure.

Once you truly understand the value you hold, and once you fully let go of the things that are no longer serving you such as anger, shame, and negative thinking… the proper diet will come, and the will to explore + implement plant medicines over chemical suppressants will be reached naturally. When you love yourself and release the stagnation that comes with resentment and bottled up emotions, you don’t want to punish yourself with foods or thoughts that don’t make you feel your best. The empty space that fuels our addictions begins to dissipate. You simply want to choose nourishing food because you love your body.


I haven’t yet started my post-vacation parasite cleanse, as Nick’s intuition told him we should wait until a week before the full moon. Parasites detach from the intestinal walls to breed and are most vulnerable to herbs on the full and new moons. We usually do our cleansing around the new moon, but this time he wants to switch it up. (And if you’re doing my cleanse, don’t worry – no matter when you start, you will hit at least one of the moon cycles since the cleanse is almost a full month!)

While I wait to begin this round, I decided to do some emotional cleansing first. As I told you guys before, when I got home from DR, I went straight to my mother’s house to tell her that I forgive her. I told her I understand that hurt people, hurt people. She was so destroyed and abused by her mother that it was all she knew; her daily life was chaos at the hands of the person that was supposed to love her, and that was reflected in the way she treated the ones she loved. I understood that the things she said to me throughout my childhood were reflections of how she felt about herself; they parroted the internal dialogue she had to suffer with every day because of what her mother said to her. There are no evil people, only people who have been wounded and live in the vibration of their injuries. My mother is a beautiful person with the spirit of a young child inside of her that just wants to be loved and happy. Any pain I experienced taught me invaluable lessons and allowed me to write this blog today, so I regret nothing. I released the resentment I was holding, gave it up to my angels, and asked them to take it away.

I woke up the next day and passed over 15 liver fluke parasites in my stool.


This was one of them. Google “liver flukes in stool” to see more. They are bright red, as they literally and figuratively eat our life force – our blood. I was not taking parasite cleansing herbs of any kind.

The liver is the organ that holds onto anger and resentment.


Once I released the emotions I held for my mother, my liver became strong enough to fight some of the physical manifestations of that anger: parasites. After all, parasites are self-destructive organisms, that mirror our self-destructive emotions or thoughts. Anger only hurts the person that is harboring it.

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

The connection between the emotional and physical is realer than I ever imagined. This is what we must focus on, before trying to force ourselves to eat healthy when underneath it all we don’t really feel we DESERVE that health.

That’s why the binge cycle happens. We strive for perfection (which is already self-punishing because that’s denoting we’re not good enough to begin with). Then when we slip up, the disappointment is even greater so we spiral downwards. “I already ate ____, so I might as well eat ____ too.” We’re basically saying I’m already a failure, so I might as well punish myself more by moving even further away from my goals.

We must focus on healing internally and feeling worthy first. The will to change our diets and clean out our bodies physically and emotionally will come effortlessly. When your spirit is flying so high from bliss and the release of deep frustration, life-supporting choices come naturally because you WANT to LIVE. “Diets” do not work because it means something is wrong with you. Accept wherever you are now, and whatever choices you are making now. They are exactly the ones you needed to make at this moment and you are doing nothing wrong. You can only get better and better from here.

Study the chart in the beginning of this post and see if you can find connections between your own symptoms and the emotions listed. There is always an emotional factor.

One of my friends has severe chronic pain, and just as the chart said, she is dealing with major guilt.

I myself have had skin problems like acne, which can be from giving others power over you, and not accepting or disliking the self. I still get pimples here and there when I let comments on the internet have power over me, it’s almost instant! When I feel guilty over something I just ate instead of loving myself and feeling gratitude to boost my digestion, bam –  I get a breakout.

Another friend of mine has chronic constipation, which is the inability to let go or the act of holding in emotions. This is very accurate for her as well, as she holds in a lot of the pain and self-limiting thoughts she experiences and suffers in silence.

Your body is your friend, and it’s ready to direct energy towards healing as soon as you are ready to direct energy away from negative emotions and anger. Forgiveness is always the answer, and it is the first step to getting well. Together we CAN and WILL do this… never give up! xx

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Kim Smith

I started using the Parapro for myself and I see and feel positive changes but I wanted to know what products or if I can use this product and at what dose for my daughter who is almost 4. I also have some family that I feel their kids should do a parasite cleanse but I don’t see any post about what you can use for kids ranging from 4 to 12 years old. Please let me know your thoughts. I found some other products online that say its good for kids but I rather not just try them and wait for you to tell me what you suggest.

Karen Moshe


Hi. Our products are specifically for adults. We will be coming out with a kids line next year. -Team Organic Olivia


Last night, was the first night of my self reflection journey. Before I went to sleep, I reflected on my day..positives and negatives. I let out so many of my fears and anxieties I had that day and in general. I even practiced the calming techniques for anxiety you posted about on your youtube channel before this. I had a bowl of mint, cucumber and kiwi previous to this as well. I ended my reflection by telling myself that I was going to be great and that I love myself. I noticed that my body was slightly twitching as I was trying to go to sleep. This really hasn’t happened to me since I was a little girl. I would excessively twitch at night. The next morning I released so many large liver flukes after that fact that I had ended my parasite cleanse about 2 weeks ago, I feel great. I’m not sure of any of this is correlated but I wanna say thank you for introducing me to the magic of this world and the healing process.


I believe I saw that chart in a book called “You can Heal your life” by Louise Hay



well written, but that is not a liver fluke. It’s a tomato . I have plenty of experience with liver fluke. I can see how you could mistaken that for a liver fluke tho .


What book are you reading in that picture?


This is a beautiful post Olivia ! I would love to read about how exactly to heal emotionally and physically. What steps to take … I don’t have any specific issues but I am sure subconsciously there are things that need to be expelled. It makes perfect sense. I have an anxiety disorder that I would love to heal from. My anxiety is health related – although I am “healthy” I am underweight and scared of food due to IBS my whole life. I would love to hear the steps I should take to start healing all of this. XOXO


Olivia, fantastic post! Can you please share the name of this book? Thank you!


Olivia! Thank you for sharing your precious life, wisdom, and unending love with us. You are a precious gem of love, light and truth and I honor you for that. Thank you for all-ways sharing the perfect information for our evolution, growth and enlightenment. Will you please share with us what book you are referring to in this first picture of your post? I would like to read it all. Thank you! May you always be protected, blessed, happy, healthful and well! I love you!


Great post! May I ask what the name of the book is please? Thank you. 🙂


Great post! May I ask what the name of this book is please? Thank you. 🙂



The name of the book is: Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art by Diane Stein


What book is the chart of emotions from?

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