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What I Learned On a 28-Day Raw Food Diet

  • Published on: 15 December, 2015
  • Last update: 07 August, 2017
I just finished 28 days of nothing but raw fruit and vegetables. I ate as much fruit as I wanted until I was satisfied with no calorie restriction. I food combined properly (fruits alone and first before anything else, fats separate from fruits, acid fruits with other acid fruits, sweet fruits with sweet fruits, etc.) as shown below:
Overall, it was amazing. I cleansed, I passed even more parasites, I cried, I craved, I learned. The emotional detox and not having food to comfort me was by far the hardest part but the healing and insight I received was well worth it. I had been afraid of eating fruit for so long due to sugar content, and it felt great to see everything I read in Medical Medium’s book regarding the truth about fruit come to life. If there’s one thing I can take away from this it’s that I’ll never stop eating fruit again. Here are my top 8 lessons from this experience:

1. There is NO magic/”perfect” diet for all people. Diet should be highly individualized.

I did this experiment with 3 others; my boyfriend, aunt, and best friend. My aunt felt amazing the whole way through and lost 10 pounds. I felt great in certain ways (zero brain fog, more energy) but I was also freezing cold and had super low libido (which means kidney yang deficiency in Chinese medicine due to too much ‘cooling’, yin food).
I had a huge detox happen through my skin, and I lost a few pounds, especially in my face. My best friend, who has had more gut issues than I have (such as h pylori, which would make her more suited for soft, easily digested food like sweet potato which is why they give steamed purées to sensitive babies) had gas for 3 out of the 4 weeks and didn’t lose any weight.
My boyfriend on the other hand lost a lot of muscle and even more weight than he should despite eating over 3500 calories a day (lots of bananas, moringa, spirulina and dates too!) He was literally spending all of his time eating, which isn’t quite sustainable. And I think he was going to kill me if I didn’t feed him rice, LOL. The point is, everyone is different.

2. We have 7 chakras for a reason, and eating only “high vibrational food” for the higher chakras is an imbalanced view that neglects our lower chakras which ground us.

I hear many people talking about only eating “high vibration” food. Everyone has a different view of what exactly these are (including the two charts below) but this would generally mean clean water, herbs + high-energy, high-water and mineral/electricity rich fruits and vegetables. These are a crucial part of everyone’s diet, but in order to reach our highest state of being, do we need to eat only these foods? What about the lower chakras and “lower” (in comparison) vibration foods? Should we just neglect those?


If you know about the chakras, you’ll know the symptoms of not being “grounded” in your lower chakras: the root or sacral. Spaciness, distraction, and low libido (since your root is the seat of sexuality) are some. I felt all 3; despite having less brain fog, I was all over the place!
I had an especially interesting tool for this experiment, which is my voice. I am an opera singer (with a strong lower register or ‘belting voice’ as my teacher called it, from singing show music and in plays). If you’ve done a chakra meditation that uses sound, you’ll hear the range of notes your teacher will tell you to mirror back in order to charge each energy center. You move from deep/low belly notes (root, sacral chakras) to high, falsetto notes (third eye & crown chakra).
Before the cleanse, my lower notes were booming and strong, and my higher notes were weak when I would sing my favorite opera songs – I was clearly not eating enough raw, high vibrational food to charge my higher range and chakras. During the cleanse, my opera singing was better than EVER, and I hit higher notes than I could in a very long time! I even made my boyfriend cry, haha! But I could not, for the life of me, sing strong ballads. I needed grounding, badly!

3. I was NOT eating enough fruit before this cleanse, which is my most valuable lesson – do NOT be afraid of fruit!

I was always told that sugar of ANY kind feeds candida and messes with your body. This is not true at all. Fruit is a miracle food that heals! Fruit was *my* personal missing key to perfect balance. The sugar in fruit is bound to minerals, antioxidants, and bitter fiber/seeds that annihilate parasites and candida. I passed plenty of parasites without even trying. Fruit is also highly antiviral and cleansing to the body. I had zero candida symptoms and I had a wart (caused by a virus) fall off my thumb completely. It had previously been there for 7 years and no dermatologist could freeze, burn, or cut it off. I will be keeping the habit of a 100% fruit breakfast and possibly lunch as well, depending on the temperature outside and time of year.

4. Put down the protein shakes, we’ve been lied to.

I can’t imagine the damage I did to my body when I first tried to be “healthy” many years ago and let GNC sell me protein shakes. We are not suffering from a protein deficiency, however many people are deficient in amino acids because we don’t have enough stomach acid to break down our proteins into amino acids. Amino acids are most readily found in greens and plants (thanks Popeye!)
Because of the toxicity I’ll mention in #8, it’s getting harder and harder for our bodies to break down heavy foods and animal protein. Our stomach acid is lower than ever thanks to stress + zinc and mineral deficiency. I know our ancestors lived far past 90 eating meat and potatoes – heck, my grandparents used to eat liver all the time and they were stronger than most elders I see today. But we’re living in a different world where our kidneys are burdened with heavy metals and can be damaged by the amount of protein our country considers ‘normal’ and healthy. Eating a wide variety of plants/nuts/seeds will provide you with all the the amino acid building blocks your body needs. Animal protein is more acidic than plant protein (which I’ll explain next is not an inherently evil thing, but rather should be balanced with alkaline food), so you should definitely be mindful of your intake since our bodies are already so acidic from our modern polluted lifestyle. I felt great lowering my protein intake, however I never felt satiated after meals because it was a bit TOO low for my particular body’s needs. I’ve added in cooked sweet potato/cooked greens, some nuts/seeds/legumes and wild fish 2x a week. This is definitely my sweet spot!

5. The acid & alkaline theory is important to consider but not obsess over!

You hear it everywhere in the alternative health world: eat an alkaline diet. Cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment. It’s very true that our bodies are far too acidic, and this is certainly contributing to modern disease. A lot of this acidity comes from diet (overeating meat, grains, and even many nuts/seeds/legumes) but a lot of it also comes from our polluted environment (plastics, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, viruses, etc). I saw a huge improvement in my body eating this highly alkaline diet… But I also felt even better some nights when I would throw a few pecans and walnuts into my salad, which are considered acidic.
Anything in extreme is not healthy. There is no need to eat 100% alkaline unless you have a serious illness, and even then, the key is balance. Alkaline foods are almost always cooling (yin), and many foods on the ‘acidic’ chart are quite warming, which I explained is important in a cold climate. 80/20 is a wonderful balance for me!

6. Too much of anything is never a good thing.

I was cold, guys. Super cold. The enzymes in raw fruits and vegetables are imperative for pancreatic health, cancer prevention, and breaking down waste in the body. And if you don’t usually eat raw food, you definitely need to balance that out with some fresh live enzymes. But like I always thought thanks to Chinese medicine, TOO much of anything causes an imbalance on the other end of the spectrum. Raw food can definitely lower ‘digestive fire’ in a cold climate and drain your energy since your body is trying its hardest to keep you warm in the presence of all this yin (cooling) food. If you’re trying out a raw food diet in a cold climate, listen to your body and don’t be afraid to have some vegetable soup in the evening. You will still get a ton of benefits from the raw food and also have balance and grounding.

7. Some foods are better off cooked (meaning yes I believe humans can utilize fire and tools for a reason!)

When I ate raw salad greens, no matter how much I chewed and chewed, the plant matter would still come “out” the other way undigested. In Chinese medicine, raw greens are the most yin, cooling foods in the world, so they deplete digestive fire and can be hard to break down. This was certainly my experience. Raw fruit digested quite well for me but I was dying for warm salads and cooked spinach. It makes sense of course, because humans are not herbivores and cannot break down cellulose (we’re much closer to the anatomy of frugivores, in my opinion). Cooking makes the cell walls of cellulose-rich green plants much easier to digest. The past few days I’ve had cooked greens instead and they’ve digested wonderfully. There is a reason greens get even brighter when you lightly steam or sautée them; because the nutrients become more bio-available and the human eye is trained to instinctively associate brighter color with denser nutrition. Also, the earth wouldn’t make sweet potato, potato, grains, etc. if we weren’t meant to cook food. Ever tried to eat a raw potato?!

8. Raw food is cleansing, that’s for sure. It’s a very useful tool for detox, and I will definitely do this again soon.

As I explained in my recent YouTube video, detox happens in absence and emptiness. Yin (cooling) foods are considered “depleting” in Traditional Chinese Medicine and are a very useful tool for detox (which was not really covered or needed in the time of TCM unlike our modern toxic world).
Yin/raw food’s live enzymes and detoxifying fiber allow your body to digest and remove waste, tumors, etc. If I had cancer I would definitely do a predominately raw diet with fruit/vegetable juices and chlorophyll rich plants to pack in as much oxygen as possible and kill cancer cells (but I might have to move to a warmer climate first!) Our modern world is VERY polluted and our bodies are bombarded with toxins. Adding more raw food into your diet (even if you balance it with warming food in the evening to keep you grounded and warm) gives your body the yin, detoxing foods it needs to get rid of the poisons before it rebuilds itself with the yang dishes.
When Traditional Chinese Medicine first began, people weren’t living in a toxic world and could handle way more yang, building foods. Nowadays that’s not as practical since our bodies are too toxic to break down heavier, richer foods. We need to get the waste out first and we need more help/enzymes from food to do so. My personal ‘balance’ (which as I said will include a lot more fruit, and a little bit of fish) is very different from the balance taught in the time of TCM, and that’s OK – because again, we are all different! Nick definitely needs way more warming, heavy foods than I do since he loses weight far too quickly.

My conclusions:

Eat more raw food, especially in the morning such as fruit for breakfast…. but don’t go crazy with it if it doesn’t feel right! Don’t be afraid of fruit because it’s one of the most healing, anti-viral, anti-parasitic foods known to man. No, the sugar will not hurt you! Don’t put yourself in a box or try to stick to a diet that works for someone else – YOUR body is your guide. We are all VERY different. Base your diet around whole plants foods (whether cooked or raw), make sure to get in a good amount of live enzyme foods, eat abundant fresh fruit whenever you can, and you’ll have WAY less room for the “acidic” stuff – which you need in moderation, anyway. By doing this you will naturally find YOUR balance and live your healthiest life. Above all, do not stress. Stress will kill you way faster than any diet will. Love you all! x

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I needed to hear this sooooooooooooooo bad. Thank you. I was getting lost in all these different ideas about what to do with healing diets, and I just needed to remember what’s worked for me. There is so much fear around fruit, but fruit is an amazing tool and Dr. Robert Morse heals people with serious disease left and right using just herbs and fruit. I just needed to learn not to take it too far. Last time I was raw for 9 months and then went on a fast and it was just toooo much and I was starving. Balance is key and there is so much more to care about then just calories and macros. Thanks again!

paul e white

we all get to be our own alchemist and my study has been food as medicine and this allows a gardener to create medicine that’s better than what the for huge profit for poison pharmacy has dupeing america for billions….


Really good to see an honest and easy to digest 😉😉 blog about the raw food cleanse. Thank you 🤓🤓

Michelle Cashion

Thanks so much for this report on your experience. I just finished day 2 of the Medical Mediums 28 day cleanse. I hope I can get through it. You don’t realize just how much you rely on food for comfort.


This is a great post. I’m on day 28 today of raw vegan. I feel great. I’ve. committed to 63 days. Then I’ll start adding maybe some oatmeal and brown rice. Or maybe some rice wraps and peanut sauce. I do eat raw pecans and cashews with it although I need fewer now that I’m more accustomed to lighter food. Thanks for your sensible insights.


Thank you for this! I have been following the medical medium diet (more or less) for about 28 days. I ended up eating chicken broth, small amounts of mince with my beans and tea with a spot of milk after 15 days – because I was too cold. It is winter here and eating out of season fruit is nice but brrr! I also enjoyed the fruit and felt less craving for chocolate as I was getting my fix with the fruit. I was very impressed by this as I had avoided fruit to my own detriment. We actually started the diet as my youngest has autism and can’t digest food easily. We have seen a lot of improvement in his abilities since detoxing this way. He was high in metals and we weren’t sure what to do, so this has been a fabulous lesson in the power of food. And while I am a shower singer I swear I got at least 4 new high notes on this diet. Fascinating!


Thank you for posting this !! I’ve been wanting to do this type of detox but unfortunately I am allergic to all fruits. It’s killing me. Some days I just wanna have fruit for breakfast or a snack and I can’t. Any suggestions ? I know I need to detox in order to get the allergens out. I also go to acupuncture when I can.


Olivia I was told I have to be on a “Candida diet” which at the beginning doesnt allow any fruit except of lemon and grapefruit,because any sweet fruit treats Candida.Then what should I do?



Read the “Medical Medium”. He advocates fruit for Candida and claims traditional meat and veggie diets for Candida make you sick


Awesome to hear about your cleanse. Have you seen the documentary Forks Over Knives? Its very eye opening. It explains how all animal protein (flesh including fish, dairy, eggs etc) are acidic and contain a protein that plants do not contain that is cancer promoting.


Thank you so much for being so honest, vulnerable & sharing your experience with us all Olivia! For the past 2 years I have started my morning with a 4 banana, blueberry, cacao, hemp & maca smoothie, I wake up craving it! It’s the only thing that keeps me going as I run an online business from home and my brain needs all the glucose it can get!! 😀 I’m SO excited to start the same 28 day cleanse to help me with my high Mercury levels that trigger my depression/low immunity & GIT issues (parasites). Your book recommendations have literally changed my life – the magnesium miracle blew my mind!! Endless love & gratitude from Melbourne! Emily x

Xochi Kaplan

I love your feed back on your 28 day raw diet, great insight! I tried being a vegetarian but for me, I didn’t feel “quite right”. I truly believe that listening to your body and adjusting your diet according is the best bet as well as having balance. Thank you for all you do and allowing us to go on this journey with you. Best wishes!!!

Olivia Mary

Thank you so much for this post Olivia! I have secretly been waiting for it haha. I definitely have done my own experimenting with diets and it all comes down to BALANCE. I too thought fruit was evil for a while because of the sugar. After going to Costa Rica and eating the freshest most delicious pineapple every morning and more fruit throughout the morning until afternoon night, i started to realize how positive that was for my body. I was passing things without taking parasite cleansing herbs and I had a lot of energy and less bloating. Unfortunately I don’t get my period since I’ve been off BC so Lily keeps telling me to eat warming foods and NOTHING raw. I had to stop doing that because I was clogging up and not letting my body detox enough. I think I might benefit greatly from parasite cleansing and doing a raw food diet for a month. This gave me motivation! Much love and respect for all that you do <3

Samia L.

You couldn’t eat 100% alkaline for long no matter how much you wanted to. Your body will send you signals to start wolfing down bread/cookies/fries/flesh foods, etc. etc. And those messages will be nearly impossible to resist.



Indeed, balance is key!

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