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Snag My Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products on Sale for #SmallBusinessSaturday!

  • Published on: 28 November, 2015
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017


Hi friends! I hope you had a fabulous holiday with your family filled with laughs and love. Since it is the ultimate shopping weekend of the whole year, I figured I would share my favorite Small Business Saturday products and coupon codes from ethical, sustainable brands that make non-toxic goodies. I recently made this post on Instagram about a study revealing that women absorb almost five pounds of chemicals each year due to beauty products. Your skin is your largest organ and sucks up everything you lather on, so choosing your products wisely is important.

I recently dumped my entire makeup/skin care bag and replaced it with a select few more expensive, yet much higher quality products that will last me longer and keep me safe. Instead of the 20 bargain eyeshadows I had racked up over the years at drugstores/department stores, I compromised for 3 top of the line products that I can layer depending on if I want a neutral or dramatic look. I realized that it’s about quality, not quantity – and my face is thanking me for it!

I’m a small business owner myself (which by the way – the parasite cleanse will be coming back at the end of the month, and I’m having a sale over at Living Earth Jewelry for 25% off with the code ILOVEYOU25!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.52.53 PM

I love to support other small business owners because I know the hard work and long nights they put in. Buying small and local is the future. I love to have personal interactions with the people who make my favorite products, and I adore knowing my money is going to their family’s future.


Now onto the fun stuff – here are all of my favorites this holiday season! I’m going to try to include something for everyone’s budget.

Body Products

Screen-Shot-2015-10-21-at-11.05.42-AMOrganic Bath Stress Less Body Butter – $29

I am obsessed with the company Organic Bath Co., and its founders Gianne and Jay. They are the most incredible, dedicated people who make out-of-this-world pampering, luxurious body products. I promise you that their body butters will be the BEST you’ve ever tried. They sink into my skin so deeply that I don’t have to reapply for days – literally. The “Stress Less” variety above puts me right into a deep sleep thanks to the lavender oil, and their “Zesty Morning” wakes me up after an early shower. If you prefer unscented and deeply moisturizing, check out their “Drenched.”

Organic Bath is offering 25% off EVERYTHING all weekend with the code “THANKFUL15”.

FullSizeRender-20-1080x1080Organic Bath Java Jolt Sugar Scrub – $27

Again, I can’t say enough great things about this company, and their 25% off sale is incredible. I used this scrub all summer long for cellulite (since coffee is an excellent remedy). It gets rid of all my dead skin and leaves my skin silkier than anything I’ve used. And if you’re an (ex)coffee-lover like me (who only uses it for enemas nowadays… TMI?) this will help you get your fix. There’s a touch of mint in there as well which is just perfect. Thank you Gianne & Jay for always exceeding my expectations. Love you guys.

Facial Scrubs

11899572_914940901894757_987320881_nLe Chocolat Citrus Foaming Facial Scrub – $50

I visited Follain in Boston this month and absolutely fell in LOVE with all of the incredible companies they stock! I was on the hunt for a good facial scrub, and being so hands on I always have to try before I buy. They actually have a gorgeous marble sink right in the store where you can test anything you’d like – even on your face (if you’re brave!). This chocolate citrus scrub is the best I’ve tried in my life, and a little goes a long way. I used to stay away from scrubs because they can be a little too oily and don’t give me that ‘clean’ feeling, but this one is special – it actually foams up due to the small amount of organic castille soap it contains! It cleanses and exfoliates at the same time so my skin feels incredibly clean and pure afterwards. Plus, it smells like dessert. Win win.

micro-polish-cleanser-512px-512pxRen Micro Polish Cleanser – $30

This gem right here is from Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, which is owned by a lovely lady named Melissa. She is so kind and attentive. When I first went to buy non-toxic beauty products from her, she gave me a mini consultation and helped to match my skin type and color to products perfectly. This micro cleanser is for polishing your skin for a flawless finish rather than deep exfoliation, and has live enzymes from papaya and pineapple that eat away at the dead skin that causes acne. Citrine is offering 10% off $100 for #SmallBusinessSaturday with the code THANKS10, 15% off $250 with THANKS15, and 20% off $500 with THANKS20.

Facial Serum (a bargain, a mid-price and a splurge!)

ADN-00254-7Andalou Turmeric + Vitamin C Enlighten Serum – $10 with discount

This was one of the first budget-friendly serums I ever purchased on Vitacost when I started switching my products to non-toxic, and testing the waters. I was so incredibly satisfied with the results, and this serum is why I fell in love with fruit stem cells (which you’ll hear about in the splurge serum that I switched to later on! :x) There are a ton of berry antioxidants that keep your skin looking so fresh, and the turmeric/Vitamin C combo evens skin tone and fights inflammation like no other. You can get a $10 off $30 Vitacost coupon by clicking here – I buy all of my discount groceries there, like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, rice, nuts, beans, and flour!

imagesKypris Blemish Clearing Serum – $62

If you have blemishes or irritations, this serum is for you. I’ve used this the past few months every night after cleansing and toning my face. I let it sink in, and then I apply my moisturizer on top. Zinc is a supplement I take internally for my skin, so I LOVE that this also contains it for some topical application. Every time I used to go for a facial, my esthetician would tell me my skin was severely irritated by the pollution in New York. This serum is specifically designed to fight against those pesky environmental chemicals that can age and irritate our skin. (Don’t forget Citrine’s coupon code “THANKS10”)

Now for the splurge…

Indie-Lee-Swiss-Apple-Facial-Serum-250x263Indie Lee Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum – $130

Let me tell you guys. I didn’t plan on buying this. I wanted with every bone in my body NOT to like it. When I visited Follain in Boston, the girl helping me said I absolutely had to try a sample to help fade my old acne scars. I took home the tiniest little sample in the world and I kid you not, within one single day I saw a difference in my skin. More even, tighter, and just brighter! If you haven’t treated yourself to something nice in a while, or you have someone who you really want to splurge on, I promise they will fall in love with this. Here’s why: fruit stem cells will help to overturn your old dead skin cells, and stimulate new ones to grow. Most fruit trees take months, if not years to regenerate – but the swiss apple tree takes two weeks. That’s where the price tag comes from, and it was worth every penny.

Face Mask

Screen_shot_2015-04-14_at_1.35.13_PM_grandeJosh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask – $60

I met Josh Rosebrook this month at the WELL Summit in Boston! He led a class on meditation and manifesting your dreams by changing the way you speak to yourself.

He told us that when you want something SO badly – like wanting to be rich, famous, etc – you will always have to deal with the equal and polar opposite aspect of your desire, which is the fear of not getting it. The more you want something, the greater the fear becomes. That fear gets in the way of the outcome you want to attract. Feeling anything in the extreme will create an extreme opposite. Josh’s advice? “Want it, but just want it less.” Come from a place of balance and acceptance that what is meant to be will come to fruition. Instead of asking for what you want (which is coming from a place of not having yet), simply be grateful as if you already have it.
So basically not only does he give great advice – he makes incredible products! This is my new favorite face mask because it boosts my circulation like crazy. My face is actually very red for about 15 minutes after using it but soon after it’s plump and bright with amazing blood flow. It really wakes your face up and nourishes your skin.

Makeup: Face

just-sheer-foundationKjaer Weis Cream Foundation – $68

This is just the creamiest, most luxurious foundation in town. It’s the foundation I’m wearing in the first picture of this post, and I’m in love. I use a very soft-bristled yet taut vegan kabuki brush to buff it into my skin and it blends so perfectly. (Again, I get this one from Citrine & don’t forget they have codes depending on what you spend: THANKS10/THANKS15/THANKS20)

RMS Un-Coverup Concealer – $36

This is also from Citrine, and it’s my holy grail. This is THE concealer to end all concealers. If there was only one product on this entire list that I could use for the rest of my life, this would be it (because you can pretty must use it on your entire face as foundation if you needed). It’s made of coconut oil and castor oil, two incredibly nourishing oils that allow this formula to sink right into any dark areas, blemishes, or scars. My face looks vibrant, hydrated, and awake whenever I use this and it blends in so effortlessly thanks to the oils (which by the way don’t clog your pores at all!) I’ve had a jar since the late summer and it’s still very full after daily use.

Makeup: Lips

ILIABEAUTY_BlossomLady_grandeIlia Tinted Lip Conditioner – $26

So creamy, so nourishing, and just the right amount of color. I’m not a full-on-lipstick kind of girl unless it’s a special occasion, so I love having a tinted lip that gives me just the right amount of rosy color. I am absolutely in love with all of ilia’s lip products – even their gloss is moisturizing and smells delicious!
That’s all for now folks – I need to get back to making jewelry for our Black Friday orders! Please let me know what you’d like to see on my next favorites list, as I would love to talk about more products (bronzers, blush, mascara, toners, moisturizers, etc.) in another post. Have a great weekend 🙂

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Do you have a recommendation for a concealer that does not contain coconut oil? Thanks!!


Máscara and eyeliners please!


Organic products are the best solution if you have sensitive skin. I can use almost anything, but I always recommend natural, organic stuff for my clients.

vitamin c and skincare

Hi, its good piece of writing about media print, we all be aware of media is a wonderful source of information.


Hi! What is the eyeliner and mascara you are wearing?! Looking for some non toxic options. Thanks in advance 🙂

gabrielle messina

Would love to see more! Have you used 100% Pure’s caffine mask? Really so hydrating! one question… what are you using to moisturize?


you’re beautiful! come move to Canada

Evelyn C

Sup Olivia! I was wondering which face mask you used on one of your snapchats (the one that completely extracted that pimple out!). Seems very very interesting! Thank you in advance????



Hey Evelyn! It was the Problem Solver mask by May Lindstrom. It is expensive but lasts for an entire year even with constant use. It’s my favorite mask of all time! Here’s the link:

Heather Eaton

Aloha Olivia – I just came across your indiegogo site. I’d like to purchase your Xiao Yao Wan but I don’t see a link to that product…?? I hope it’s not sold out! Help! =) –Heather



Hey Heather, I’m so sorry to say it’s sold out! We wanted to do another production run but it was difficult to find large enough quantities of the herbs that were certified organic. I didn’t want to make another batch with less-than-amazing ingredients so I figured I would wait. I will definitely make a post if we can find the herbs again (I should just grow them myself, huh?! Lol!)


I love all your info organic Olivia 🙂 I would love to know what your fav everyday body lotions would be? I’m having trouble finding a great one for me and my family, I have heard of coconut oil and almond oil but was wondering what you recommend? I see you listed the body butters they sound awesome def gonna look them up! But also wanted to know if you had other recommendations especially being its winter! Thank you for all your wonderful posts! 🙂



I use the “Drenched” body butter from Organic Bath in the winter, and the lavender stress less in the lighter months. There is truly nothing better than their drenched! As far as plain old oils, I do like hemp seed oil, but I find that it sinks into the skin much better when oils are mixed with a butter like shea. Let me know if you try Organic Bath and how you like them!! xx

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