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Do Cell Phones & EMF Radiation Prevent Our Bodies from Fighting Cancer?

  • Published on: 25 September, 2015
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017

In 1980, fewer than 3% of people had a cell phone. Today, almost 100% of people carry one on their bodies every waking moment of the day. Cancer is on the rise, but can we directly attribute this to our beloved smart phones and wifi routers? In today’s video/post, I’ll tell you why I’m almost positive EMF radiation from modern technology is preventing our bodies from curing cancer by inhibiting the release of our pineal gland’s life-saving hormone, melatonin.

Press PLAY ▻ on the video below to watch me present my info-packed powerpoint explaining how I came to this conclusion!

Download the powerpoint and follow along with me here.

1434479304470♦ Intro: The Human Brain & Frequencies

In 1929, Hans Berger invented an EEG machine that was able to read the frequency of human brains. Using this invention, Hans and his partner found that the human brain produces alpha waves around 7.8-15hz; and these waves help us concentrate and be creative. This makes sense, considering Fritz-Albert Popp’s research in the field of biophotonics, which revealed that all living cells emit photons. Photons (particles that transmit light) carry energy and frequency. Thus, all living things made up of cells emit a frequency of some kind. In Eastern medicine, this is referred to as Qi or life force. Berger’s discovery of a specific human brain frequency was quite fascinating, but overall irrelevant at the time.

In 1951, another pioneer and professor named Otto Schumann was teaching his students that a sphere within a sphere will create electrical tension and subsequently, a frequency. Schumann’s class struggled to grasp the subject, so to make it easier, Schumann instructed them to draw the earth as one sphere inside of the ionosphere and calculate the tension. Having no idea himself, he also tried out the calculation.


Eventually, Otto arrived at a frequency of approximately 10HZ. As incredible as it seemed, our planet had a pulse: a measurable frequency that surrounded earth and all life on it!

Again, this discovery was published in a small scientific journal and never looked at much again. That is, until Hans Berger’s old lab partner came across the findings! He realized the magnitude of what he just read based on his research involving humans and immediately contacted Schumann. The frequency of earth was eerily similar to the frequency of the brains he studied!

Together the pair studied how lightning discharged so they could calculate earth’s exact frequency down to the decimal point. It wasn’t just similar to human brain waves… it was identical at 7.83hz! They named this Schumann Resonance in honor of Otto’s work.

So what did this mean? Why did our brain’s frequency, which controls our creativity, stress, anxiety, and even immune system, tune into the earth’s frequency? Does all life on earth need this frequency to function properly?

♦ The 1980 Bunker Experiments

In the 80s, Dr. Rutger Wever, a scientist from Max Plank Institute constructed an underground bunker to examine the circadian rhythm of man (which is the day and night cycle ingrained into all life).

He got volunteers to spend several weeks at a time living in the bunker completely shielded from the natural resonance of the earth

What he found was shocking: when Schumann Resonance was filtered out of the bunkers, the students’ physical and mental health would greatly suffer: they developed headaches, felt sick, and couldn’t sleep. When he would secretly re-introduce 7.83hz using a frequency generator, suddenly their headaches and stress went away. Their health and well-being returned!

♦ Why do our bodies need this frequency?

Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner for his discoveries regarding the DNA sequence of the HIV virus, conducted experiments where he found out something incredible: our DNA communicates through frequency.

He put DNA sequences together in water and found that they communicated with each other by emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves. Even when DNA sequences were kept in different test tubes, his team still recorded electromagnetic communication between the two.

In fact, all life began with frequency.

2 billion years ago, the first organisms on earth were called magnetotactic bacteria (MTB). MTB are a polyphyletic group of bacteria discovered by Richard P. Blakemore in 1975, and guess what? They orient themselves along the natural magnetic field lines of Earth.

This is because they contain organelles with magnetic crystals. Due to this crystal content, they are able to align themselves with Earth’s frequency grid.

As organisms on earth became more complex, they also oriented themselves with earth’s magnetic field in order to migrate and survive.

Bees, for example, actually contain magnetite particles and are highly sensitive to magnetic fields. In a lab, if you artificially create an electromagnetic field, you can control the ways bees create a hive. If these artificial fields affect the bees… wouldn’t they affect us too?

♦ Dr. Jochen Kuhn’s Bee Experiments

Dr. Jochen Kuhn studied 8 bee hives, and put a cordless phone in half of them to see if it would effect their ability to return home.

In the hives where no cordless phone was present, the bees returned at a normal rate.

In the hives which contained a cordless phone, the bees hardly returned at all.

In one hive with a cordless phone, not a single one returned.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 7.38.08 PM

♦ Chryptochromes: what bees and humans have in common

Chryptochromes are protein cells discovered in the 1990’s which suggest that all life has a magnetic sense.

Why? Well, the actual function of chryptochromes is to absorb blue light in our pineal glands, where they are located in humans. These chryptochromes are found in insects, mammals, humans, birds, and even plants. They absorb this blue light so that they can synchronize your circadian clock and aid in your growth (since blue light during the day is beneficial… at night is a whole different ball game).

In 2000, scientists demonstrated that robins not only had a magnetic sense of direction, but that this sense came directly from the chryptochromes that were located in the robins’ eyes.

The team showed that the chryptochromes give the birds magnetic compass information – they quite literally may see the magnetic fields of the earth in their field of vision, perhaps as a grid or white spots, the scientists hypothesize. This allows them to orient their flight.

The way they tested this was they exposed birds to man-made EMF radio frequency fields. Not only did it disturb their migration patterns, it did so at very low levels… well below levels deemed safe by the government.

Humans are also proven to have this innate sense of direction, meaning we can sense the magnetic energy of earth with our chryptochromes. The only difference is, our chryptochromes are in our “third eye” (pineal gland) – not our actual eyes. Since all living things produce an energy field/frequency, is this why we can “feel” someone else’s energy? When someone walks into a room in a terrible mood, you can sense this and it changes the whole ‘feel’ of the area around you. Could this be the scientific explanation for why our “third eyes” allow us a “psychic” sense that can feel others’ moods, feelings, and thoughts? Something to think about!

♦ Why We’re in Danger

All over the world birds, butterflies, and insects are dying, declining, and going extinct. 1 in 8 of the worlds bird species are in danger, the animals that use their magnetic sense the most.

“Measuring Schumann resonance in or around a city has become absolutely impossible. Electromagnetic pollution from cell phones has forced us to make our measurements at sea.” – Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Physicist

I live near a city, so this means my brain is completely our of touch with the natural frequency of the earth. Is this doing to me what it’s doing to the animals?

♦ Mobile Phones & Artificial Frequencies

Nora Volkow and her team studied 47 healthy people for an entire year. Participants had a cell phone placed on their left and right ears.

One was activated but muted, and the other was turned off.

Dr. Volkow used brain imaging to study how much glucose the brain would use during exposure (which means the brain was affected by the radio frequency of the phone and was therefore having a metabolic reaction).


She found that the human brain has a metabolic reaction to mobile phone frequencies at levels well below the legal limit, something the cell phone companies & government claimed was impossible. Glucose was consumed at the side of the activated phone.

If glucose is our energy source, and our brains are consuming glucose rapidly to deal with the stressor of EMF radiation from cell phones… does this mean our machines are quite literally draining our energy? Is this why you feel tired after working at a computer all day even if your body hardly budged?

♦ Mobile Phones & Cancer

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) reclassified mobile phones as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B) due to increased incidences of brain tumors.

In fact, you can check out this study by Dr. Lennart Hardell titled, Epidemiological evidence for an association between use of wireless phones and tumor diseases.

His conclusion reads as follows:

“Our review yielded a consistent pattern of an increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma [tumors] after 10 years of mobile phone latency. Our studies also showed an association with the use of cordless phones. We conclude that current standard for exposure to microwaves during mobile phone use is not safe for long-term exposure.”

♦ What BlackBerry & iPhone Don’t Want You to Know

The phone companies are well aware of these studies. The actual BlackBerry and iPhone terms and conditions read word for word: “This device meets government standards for exposure to radio waves when used as directed.”

But what does “used as directed” even mean? Let’s dig a little deeper in those impossibly long terms and conditions:

“1. Keep the device at least 0.98 inches away from your body at all times.” (How is this possible if I have to hold the phone directly in my hand touching my skin?)

“2. Keep the device away from the abdomen of pregnant women.” (Where is this in the iPhone commercials?)

“3. Keep the device away from the lower abdomen of teenagers.” (And yet this is where most teens put their laptops!)

“4. Reduce the amount of time spent on calls.” (And then they sell you an unlimited calling plan.)

T-Mobile even did a study of their own…

The study can be found here, and below are some quotes from their section titled ‘Cancer’:

“It can be concluded that EMF with frequencies in the mobile telecommunications range does play a role in the development of cancer.”

 “The most striking result of this study was an obvious correlation between the side at which the phone was used and the side at which the tumor occurred.”

♦ Here’s the kicker. Do mobile phones actually cause the cancer, or do they remove our bodies’ #1 defense against cancer: melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone made in the brain by the pineal gland. It has a very powerful antioxidant status compared to vitamins.

In fact, it’s 5 TIMES as powerful as vitamin C, a vitamin known to treat cancer (see the book, Curing the Incurable and the Medical News Today article here)

Melatonin secretes only at night because that’s when our brain repairs all the cells in the body. Each day, our body loses half a billion cells. At night, our body replaces them through a process of cell mitosis. Free radicals are created as a byproduct of this cell mitosis. These free radical cells attack healthy cells. It is universally agreed that the free radical cell is the major factor in cancer. Our body’s best defense against them is melatonin.

Melatonin is considered by the medical world to be an oncostatic agent (meaning it protects against cancer) and it controls the sleep/wake cycle so that you get a good nights sleep. It’s an anti-aging molecule that leaves your skin younger and it mops up cancer cells while you sleep. Win-win… if you’re producing it!

♦ Consequences of Reduced Melatonin Production

Immune system is less competent against infection.

Sleep disturbances: can’t fall asleep or you wake up and can’t get back to sleep.

Heart complications and arrhythmia because melatonin protects your heart.

Much higher susceptibility to diseases such as cancer.

♦ Melatonin & Cancer

AVERAGE WOMAN WITH BREAST CANCER: has 1/10th the melatonin of a normal woman her age.

AVERAGE PERSON WITH PROSTATE CANCER: has ½ the melatonin of a person with no prostate cancer.

CHILDREN WITH AUTISM: have less than ½ the melatonin of neurotypical children.

Reduced melatonin in night shift workers due to exposure to light in the middle of the night is known to produce a 50% increase in breast cancer risk. The International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified night work as a class 2A probable carcinogen due to this melatonin reduction.

Even women who live in neighborhoods with large amounts of nighttime illumination are more likely to get breast cancer than those who live in areas where nocturnal darkness prevails, according to an Israeli study.

♦ Melatonin & Parasites

Considering the fact that I healed my own ailments through diet, exercise, and parasite cleansing — I’m highly interested in melatonin’s effect on parasite proliferation within the body. This study revealed that in Trypanosoma infections, modulation of the immune system by melatonin is extremely important in controlling the parasite population.

Melatonin might be known as the sleep hormone, but it has immune system functions, too. (See the studies here and here for examples.) Melatonin drastically drops during the full moon, which is when parasites detach from the intestinal walls to breed. Are the parasites taking advantage of this time of low melatonin, when our immune systems are down for the count, to burrow deeper inside of our bodies? What are the parasitic consequences of having overall lowered melatonin due to mobile phones and blue light? I am positive parasites play a huge role in modern chronic illness and I believe reduced melatonin is a major factor as to why this is happening. You can learn more about my parasite cleanse here.

♦ The Pineal Gland & Melatonin

The pineal gland is light-sensitive. If it senses there’s light around, it knows there will be interference with the signals our brain must send our cells to repair. Thus, if light is present, the pineal gland knows there’s no use in sending those signals.

The brain will wait until it’s dark to repair the body.

But what if that darkness never comes?

Our brains see EMF radiation from a cell phone or device as physical light even if the room is completely dark. The pineal gland cannot distinguish between manmade mobile phone frequencies and light frequencies from actual physical light. (Sources: 1,2,3,4,5)

♦ Our Best Bet Against Cancer: How to Increase Melatonin Levels

1. Avoid watching TV or using your computer in the evening, at least an hour or so before going to bed. These devices emit blue light, which tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime. Your brain starts secreting melatonin between 9 pm and 10 pm, and these devices prevent your brain from doing so.

2. Make sure you get BRIGHT sun exposure regularly. Your pineal gland produces melatonin roughly in approximation to the contrast of bright sun exposure in the day and complete darkness at night. If you are home in moderate darkness all day long, your brain does not know see any contrast of bright to dark.

3. Sleep in complete darkness, or as close to it as possible. Even the slightest bit of light in your bedroom can disrupt your biological clock and your pineal gland’s melatonin production. Do not have any glows from clocks or technology. Unplug all electrical devices and move them out of the room. Blackout shades are a wonderful addition.

4. Get a pink himalayan sea salt lamp or install a yellow, orange or red light bulb if you need a source of light for navigation at night. Orange light does not shut down melatonin production in the way that white and blue light does.

81DMfHTu+jL._SL1500_I love my pink salt lamp and keep it in my bathroom for night-time navigation.

♦ Why I Wear $8 Orange Glasses

This is the simplest, cheapest way to improve your melatonin levels and block cancer-causing blue light. Orange is the opposite of blue on the color spectrum and thus blocks blue light from entering your eyes.

31NQRL2mxuLI wear these every night after sunset, especially if I’m looking at a phone or computer.

study of 20 adults who wore either blue-light blocking or ultraviolet-light blocking glasses for 3 hours before sleep found that both sleep quality and mood improved among those in the group who wore blue-light blocking glasses, compared to the ultraviolet-light blocking group.

In a study by scientists at Quebec’s Universite Laval, nightshift workers used blue-light blocking glasses at or near the end of their overnight shifts for 4 weeks. At the end of study period, their overall sleep amounts increased, as did their sleep efficiency.

♦ Melatonin Supplements

Yes, getting melatonin into your body by any means does help because it is such a powerful antioxidant. The supplements do have significant benefits, especially for people suffering with occasional insomnia or jet lag. However, they don’t offer long-lasting benefits because your body will get used to the supplementation and stop producing its own melatonin.

I have used this melatonin supplement in the past and I do notice skin/energy/dream/well-being benefits the next day. But I do not want to become dependent, so I only use it when I’m traveling. Otherwise, I use natural foods and the methods I mentioned earlier such as orange glasses to increase my melatonin levels long term.

♦ Foods that Boost Melatonin

Researchers with Thailand’s Khon Kaen University found that some tropical fruits have significant effects on melatonin production. The scientists gave study subjects a variety of fruits and then measured the amount of melatonin circulating throughout the body by looking at 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (aMT6s).

Bananas, Oranges, Oats, Sweet corn, Tart cherries, Rice, Tomatoes, Barley.

I love to have sprouted GABA rice 1-2 hours before bed. Melatonin increases the free glutamate in your brain which over-excites your cells. GABA is the calming neurotransmitter that fights this and boosts melatonin production.

♦ A Free Program to Install on Your Computer

F.lux is a free software program that you can install on your computer. When the sun sets in your city, f.lux will slowly make your screen emit orange light instead of blue light. It makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. I use it every single day of my life.


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hi Olivia! I loved this post. You mentioned about the orange glasses to help with melatonin levels, particularly when using phones or laptops at night, could we instead use a orange tinted screen cover on it instead, do you think? your thoughts would be much appreciated 🙂 kelsie x

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