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429 Part II: How One Number Restored my Faith in the Universe

  • Published on: 17 August, 2015
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017


All week on Instagram I’ve been sharing tidbits from my trip to Canada to visit Collective Evolution, especially the times I saw my angel number 429 while there. I had to share this one last 429 synchronicity from my trip (along with a personal story about my parents below) because I just couldn’t believe it. I have been getting more personal with my posts lately and I hope you don’t mind. It really helps me to speak openly about things that aren’t exactly related to food/health/herbs/etc… but that are still very much relevant to my spiritual & emotional health. Sharing my experiences with you guys is my therapy and I think you will be able to relate to what I’m about to say.

Anyway, if you’d like the full back story on why this number is so special to me, read my original blog post titled, “How a Higher Power Speaks to me Through the Number 429” (and check out the Instagram hashtag #organicolivia429).

To make a looong story short, this number is my ultimate sign & synchronicity from God/the universe that I am following my path & on the right track. At this point, it has happened far too many times to be coincidence, and those who are around me get pretty freaked out. I saw it everywhere in Canada, and that’s no surprise, because I felt better there than I have in a very long time.

This health notice, dated 4/29 was outside of the organic supermarket where we bought all of our food while in Canada.

This health notice, dated 4/29 was outside of the organic supermarket where we bought all of our food while in Canada.

I felt free from the blockages I’ve been posting about. I felt like I met people I had been waiting to meet all my life. It felt like home. The whole trip we joked with our friends about moving there, but deep down I think we were all serious.


As we were driving away from our friend Joe Martino‘s house back to NY, I turned to Nick and said, “I can’t help but feel like we’re meant to stay here. Everything costs less, so we could really save, grow, and build here. Live simply.” Just as I uttered those words, I turned my head to look out the window. This house… number 429… was staring right at me. Right around the corner from Joe, as if to confirm the words that just came out of my mouth.


Since we got home, we’ve had a new lease on life. This trip truly changed us. And we have seriously been considering going back, maybe even moving for part of the year… but who knows what the future will bring.

Tonight I opened up to my parents about 429, which is a big thing for me. It is very hard for me to show them “the real me.” They are my greatest gift and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. At the same time however, they hold a lot of pain and fear, which has spilled over into my own psyche and our relationship as a family. Things have not always been easy.

When I told them the exciting news about 429, Canada, our new friends, and how amazing my life has been since I started “listening to the signs,” they were afraid to be happy for me. I forgive them for that because I was too at one point. They felt it was too good to be true and I should pause to get ready for a let down. They did not trust in the process like I have learned to do. They chose to see the negative and I let it get into my head, which I realize I’ve been doing all my life.

At this point I broke down. And at this point I also realized why 429 means so much to me.

In tears, I said to my dad, “I spent 20 years battling anxiety and depression, because all my life I watched you two do the same. I realized only recently that I had the power to change that by choosing my thoughts and by trusting in the magic of our world, like 429. Every day I make the decision to believe that I am here for a reason, and every day I fight to stay positive.” I refuse to go down their path and lose sight of my purpose, my intuition, and the courage to follow it. I refuse to go back to being afraid.

And then, I realized why 429 means so much to me. When I was depressed and wanted to die, I felt that I had no reason to be here.

I felt that all of my life happened by chance.

That my existence, and my gifts (which I didn’t even realize at the time), mattered no more than the next guy’s.

That my life had no guidance or path, and it didn’t matter if I put good into the world – I would always get bad in return. I had no understanding of the laws of the universe and how what you do always comes back, whether positive or negative. There was no trust. I didn’t know that your rewards come in proportion to your service to others and that I had the power to change my circumstances. I felt hopeless, alone, and afraid that no matter what I did, no one was guiding me because I had NO path or purpose in the first place. I didn’t believe good (or God for that matter) existed.

429 has changed everything. It started popping up to show me people I was meant to be friends with. It started appearing when I was meant to read a book or article that would lead me to the health/truth-seeking path I’m on today.

I would see 429 when I was living out my gifts and helping people, and in turn it helped me to realize what I’m good at. Writing, researching, explaining, and healing.

429 showed up every single time I would watch a video or read books about parasites, and it was there when I created my very own parasite cleanse as well, telling me that this was my calling and my way to help the world. It guides me to what topics I’m meant to write about, and where I’m supposed to travel. When I’m afraid, I see it and it reminds me I am on the right path and don’t need to cry.

429 showed me that there is an intelligence out there listening and guiding me… I just have to trust.

I am not alone. I do not need to be afraid of the world or expect things to go wrong, because I know now that I have a plan and purpose. It has shown me that life has meaning and nothing is coincidence. That no matter where I am, I’m meant to be there at that very moment. The world is not chaos where evil can win. The world is a perfect, constant balance of give and take – a puzzle that you can succeed in when you do the right thing and live from your heart. You get what you give, and when you give fearlessly, you don’t need to pause for the let down.

I know that there is a higher power out there (and within us all) guiding us if we just know how to listen. I am no longer afraid that things are “too good to be true” because I know things can be this good when you are living by your truth and using your gifts.

After tonight, I say this:

Block out the negative voices and the nay-sayers. Sometimes the negative people can be our loved ones, and that’s okay. They mean well and they care for us deeply, but they are stuck in the patterns of their own minds. Release their fear and do not expect the negative. When all of that is quieted, you have the clarity of mind and soul to listen and look for these beautiful signs like my 429. And every time you follow them, your synchronicities will come up more & more often. Let the God/the universe guide you, and trust that you are not alone. Your life matters, your gift matters, and life CAN be this good when you simply trust and believe.

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Hello Olivia. I love reading your blogs and how you are making a positive impact in this world by sharing your testimonies, experiences and wisdom. I share a similar passion. I like to share health, wellness, nutrition and my experiences because I believe that everyone needs to know they are not alone. I too believe it is important to know the truth behind the food and drug industry, etc. One of my goals is to have a blog one day. I find such great inspiration reading yours. Any advise 🙂 ? While reading your blog today I couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling that I should share a few things with you. I commend your success but I’m absolutely certain that this is only the beginning for you. God’s word says we ought to live our lives in a way that helps others. I will forgo my testimony for the moment, but 5 years ago my life was radically changed for the better. I was living a life of quiet desperation, frequently sick, depressed and going 100 miles an hour down a dead-end road. Like you, I always believed in a higher power (God) but when I finally had enough of being sick and tired physically and emotionally, I cried out to God and he answered. We can try to live a happy and healthy life but as we age we begin to realize the magnitude of our mortality. I found my peace and fulfillment in Jesus. He really does love you and is knocking on your hearts door. How fitting for the Christmas holidays approaching. I’m happy to share with you, calling on Jesus was the greatest decision of my life and I cant begin to tell you just how thankful I am and what a blessed life I now live. As a believer in Christ I love to share the good news. I believe you will find the following references quite the coincidence. In the book of Ephesians chapter 4:29, it says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for “building” others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen”. There is a Christian band by the name “Building 429” as well. The name was founded off that scripture and their worship music is amazing. I believe that we all have been called for a deeper more intimate relationship with God. He has been drawing you near. Psalms 37:23 says that “the Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives”. I believe the Lord has allowed me to cross your path for this very reason. He has so much in store for you, Olivia. 1 Corinthians 2:9 says so: “But as it is written: Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love him”. His word also says seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given. I am open for a chat anytime 🙂 God bless you in all you do. With much love, Julia.


Thank you so much you sweet soul for sharing your light and knowledge. Esp. on EFT and TCM. I found your blog a couple of days ago and only read the articles on 429 this morning. Funny synchro JUST happened. My husband is driving down to join me for the holidays, he just called from his halfway break to check which road he should take when the main road forks. I go onto google maps and there are two routes… one is 443km the other….429km : ) LOVE IT. Happy holidays, blessings ♡♡♡


*how do you balance what the universe tells you and what intuitives tell you?


Hi Olivia! We are definitely on the same wavelength with regard to numbers from the universe. When my former partner broke up with me (and it wasn’t what I wanted) I started to see repeating numbers. I had resonated with repeating numbers in the past but this time it was undeniable. The numbers would literally jump out at me; especially on licence plates. Recently, something happened with my former partner that made me really fearful that any potential for reuniting was over for good. In the next few days I saw 222 (have faith and let go) EVERYWHERE. Then a few days later when I started to question the situation even more I saw 777 everywhere. Finally, when I knew that I was catching onto something I asked my angels to send me 777 in the biggest way if things with my ex were going to work out. Just then I had the inclination to go to the local grocery store and as I was walking up I saw a car with the licence plate ‘777’ and I smiled and thanked my angel but said, ‘I need something bigger’ and then I looked at the car parked right in front of it and it ALSO had the licence plate 777. HOW COOL. A few days later when my faith began to waver I asked again to see another 777 and as I was walking to work there was a car with the licence plate ‘777’ right next to my building in a spot that was special to me. With all of that said, I had a psychic reading this morning and I asked about my relationship and she said that it was over for good and that he had moved on. Have you ever worked with an intuitive? How do you balance what the universe tells you and what initiatives tell you? My gut says go with the universe but then again, I trust in this lady’s psychic ability.


Hi Great to find you! And all uplifting and fabulous! Am switching now to a more yang diet and was googling on ginger tea…yin or yang…and came across your site. However, I have seen whilst googling, that honey is very yin.. So if you recommend ginger tea as a good yang balancer, according to what I have read, and I am learning here, the addition of honey would be counter productive….???? Warmly! Victoria


What you said about depression, it rings so true to my own experience and seeing how you were not only able to get better but actually be genuinely happy by trusting in yourself and in the synchronicity of the universe gives me hope. Thank you for sharing.


Bring Lily too! :’))


yes please move to Canada so I can come see you:)


Hi Olivia, Follow your gut and instinct. Whatever you choose to do, it will be the right decision. Its your journey! Ps If you come down to Ottawa-gatineau area, send me an email! Stephanie Dashnay

Olivia Marascina


Janelle Andros

Hello Olivia, I preordered my parasite cleanse and also another vitamin/pill to help regulate my mood around my period. I paid with my American express and am wondering when the next order will be made and placed. I haven’t received any notice from you yet. I’m really looking forward to getting rid of my parasites so thanks again to you and your new venture!!

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