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Adrenal Healing Cocktail + What is Adrenal Fatigue?

  • Published on: 29 April, 2015
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017


Thanks to @gingernewtrition on Instagram, I have been indulging in one of these adrenal healing ‘creamsicles’ every morning and loving it.

What are our adrenals?

Our tiny adrenal glands sit atop our kidneys. You may feel a sensation of pressure/pain in this area or in your lower back in times of stress. That’s because the adrenal glands are there to respond to stress & produce over 50 hormones; cortisol and aldosterone are two you may have heard of.

The adrenal glands also produce adrenaline, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenelone and DHEA. Important stuff!

These adrenals are meant to activate our fight-or-flight response by secreting cortisol, increasing the amount of glucose or sugar in the blood, raising blood pressure, and promoting increased energy production. If our adrenals are constantly stressed out (and thus secreting stress hormones), these responses happen far too often and you start to feel burnt out.

What is adrenal fatigue?

“Adrenal fatigue” comes about from social or emotional stress, as well as physical stress: pollutants, poor food choices, poor digestion, blood sugar irregularities (cravings and crashes!), chronic illnesses, microbes, and parasites.

Most diets are low in nutrients required by the adrenals. These include B-complex vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, manganese, zinc, chromium, selenium and other trace elements. The reasons for this begins with how food is grown in our country and the pesticide/chemical usage that has damaged the land. Most food is grown on nutrient depleted soil. Processing and refining further deplete nutrients.

According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D.,

Many children today are born with weak adrenals due to their parents’ nutritional deficiencies. This is not a genetic problem. Instead, it is due to the nutritional imbalances of the mother, in particular. These are passed through the placenta to the unborn child.
For example, if the mother is zinc-deficient, as most are, the baby is born low in zinc and often high in copper, cadmium or other minerals that substitute for zinc to a degree. Fortunately, this means the problem can be corrected, though it is better to prevent it, of course. By age three or four, these children are in burnout. They are often sick, depressed and have difficulty in school. Some of these children react to the situation by becoming hyperactive, compulsive, obsessive or by developing various other behavior problems.

Adrenal insufficiency can also arise from trauma or shock, similar to the way that abuse and living in fear can take a huge toll on the kidney and adrenals. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys (and surrounding glands) correspond with the emotion fear.



According to Dr. Wilson, as an example of this, President John F. Kennedy developed Addison’s disease when his small patrol boat was suddenly rammed by a Japanese destroyer on a dark night during World War II. Most of the crew were killed instantly. He survived, but the shock damaged his body and he developed Addison’s disease as a result.

And last but not least, as I mentioned, microbes and parasites play a huge role in taxing the adrenals. This is the part that modern medicine always leaves out: chronic, underlying, undiagnosed infections. Chronic infections may originate in infected teeth or gums, though they can be located anywhere in the body (such as parasites in the intestines). To learn more you can read about how chronic infection in the mouth due to a root canal contributed to exhaustion in this story about healing from Lyme Disease.

When your adrenals are exhausted, your body cannot properly: utilize carbs and fats, convert fats & proteins into energy, distribute stored fat (it will tend to accumulate around the waist and at the sides of the face), regulate blood sugar, and much more.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

* fatigue
* decreased tolerance to cold
* poor circulation
* low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia)
* low blood pressure
* allergies
* apathy or depression
* low stamina
* low self-esteem due to low energy output
* joint aches and pains
* low levels of gastric hydrochloric acid
* tendency to constipation
* muscle weakness
* need for excessive amounts of sleep
* fears, due to low energy and secondary copper toxicity
* lowered resistance to infection
* subnormal body temperature

Adrenal Healing Cocktail

photo: paleomg via Instagram

photo: paleomg via Instagram


* 6 oz OJ (fresh squeezed if you can or cold pressed)
* 2 Tbsp raw coconut cream OR raw grass-fed cream (do NOT use pasteurized cream from the store, only from a raw milk farm:
* 1 Tbsp collagen (I use Vital Proteins grass-fed collagen peptides. Vegetable based collagen has a very low absorption rate and is impossible to find, so Megan suggests using hemp protein if you are vegan to get some amino acids in the elixir)
* Himalayan pink salt, as much as you can stand
Blend it up into a delicious creamsicle!

Benefits of the adrenal cocktail:
✅Fresh squeezed OJ gives the liver the glucose it need to regenerate

✅Perfectly balanced fat/carb/protein ratio for adrenal health and blood sugar balancing

✅Enough fat and protein to keep the juice from spiking your blood sugar

✅Collagen is loaded with the amino acids and building blocks for healing

✅Himalayan pink salt has 84 essential minerals that the adrenals need to function properly

Collagen makes up 90% of bones, 70% of the protein that makes up skin and 30% of the living body! Dietary collagen firms the skin, reduces wrinkles, and strengthens the hair, toenails & fingernails. It’s incredible for joints & arthritis. Best of all, it heals the gut lining and fights candida overgrowth. Collagen is 68% effective at preventing candida from sticking to the intestinal lining (Klotz & Smith, 1995), where it tears holes and causes ‘leaky gut.’

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Another version I saw online is orange juice and tartar cream and salt. What is the difference?


I have heard some use the oj, cream of tartar & Himalayan salt…what is the difference/benefits of the coconut milk?


Hi Olivia, I bought all the ingredients to do this. Was wondering how often do I drink this? Once a day or would it be more like 3 times a day? Thank you! Lisa



Hey Lisa! I drink this once per day. Excited to hear how it works for you 🙂


FYI: Himilayan pink saly is NOT sea salt!

Mitchell pardini

Hello Olivia, I was wondering if you had any remedies for asthma? I have this chronic asthma that I developed at the age of 24 and I am now 37 and as a result of my allergies I also developed nasal polyps that get swollen and I can’t breathe or smell. Can you help me please? Any ideas? Thank you


can coconut oil be used instead of coconut cream? If not, which raw coconut cream would you recommend using?



No it must be cream. I use Natural Value coconut milk and skim the cream off of the top 🙂


hi there, I just made this Shake and wonder if using salt as a mineral source makes really sense? I mean, how much minerals do I really get from a dash of salt? I watched Charlotte gerson in an Interview and she thinks salt is not necessary and even toxic. I am confused about salt, but I think next time I would rather use something else for mineral input in this shake. I would rather enjoy the pure taste of oranges and coconut instead saltening it. But I like how creamy it got from the fresh coconut flesh I used Thanks for your great posts



Hey Tanja! Himalayan pink sea salt has 82 minerals and is a wonderful source of minerals for those of us who are severely electrolyte depleted (which is many of us thanks to stress and depleted soil!) Interesting that Charlotte thinks it’s toxic. I agree with much of her therapy program but certainly not that. Salt has been used since the dawn of time and can be incredibly healing to the body – check out Ocean Water and what wonderful results it gives children suffering from autism (who are very mineral depleted). The salt is what really supercharges this recipe and gives the kidneys the minerals they are lacking.

Dallas Daniels

Hi, Great mix! however, I’m a bit skeptical about using too much salt. Specially if someone has high blood pressure. I would definitely use less salt but enough to get enough in the mix, so what is enough? just depends on the individual. For myself, I cook with hymaleyan salt and if I go a bit overboard like over 600 ears start ringing and my blood pressure goes up. Other than that I will try this, because I know my adrenals have been shot since I was a child. Thanks Olivia for posting this.


how often should this be taken for benefiting adrenal fatigue? Daily or? Thx!

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