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Your Complete Guide to Feng Shui: Using the Law of Attraction in Your Home!

  • Published on: 08 March, 2015
  • Last update: 25 January, 2016

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Let’s do an experiment. Google image search, “rich home.” What do you see in every single photo? A body or fountain of water directly leading to the front door. Coincidence? I thought so too until I learned about Feng Shui. Water, especially flowing water, is a symbol of wealth coming into the home. Fountains in front of or inside your entrance is recommended in EVERY book I’ve read this week. I searched for “rich home” after I learned this, and was shocked that every photo followed this golden rule. Next search for “government building” and see how many are built near or in front of a fountain/large pool of water. The world’s most successful cities were founded on or near major bodies of water. There are no coincidences in our world of energy. Successful people have water leading into their homes because they use the laws of energy and Feng Shui to their advantage, although they seldom share this ancient knowledge!


Feng Shui also deals with shapes, because they represent certain elements (i.e. fire, earth, water) and thus certain energy. Why do government buildings often feature a dome at the top? Why are there obelisks in New York, Washington, London, and the Vatican? A symbol is built to represent the energy it will generate, because symbols are physical manifestations of the thoughts that create them. This is exactly the same concept of how negative thoughts can manifest disease in the body, and positive thoughts can heal. Everything is energy, and energy will manifest in our physical realities. The guys in charge don’t put specific symbols everywhere just for fun. They do it because it helps to resonate the energy field to the vibrational frequency they want. In turn, this affects the thoughts and feelings of the people around the architecture. Let’s take Washington D.C. – Triangles belong to the element of fire and represent strong male energy. The Washington Monument obelisk, with a triangle/pyramid on top is an ancient phallic symbol of male/solar energy. The dome in the Capitol, which directly faces the obelisk (along with the circle of the “oval office”) represents female or moon energy (the womb). Together they represent fertility and BALANCE, the goal of Feng Shui. And what else is near the Washington Monument obelisk? A long pool of water that keeps the energy flowing. In Paris we find “Cleopatra’s Needle,” another obelisk, in front of the Notre Dame (Virgin Mary’s) Cathedral. The Vatican has another masculine obelisk surrounded by a feminine circle and building dome right across. These buildings are also at key geomantic points that correspond with astrology. The rabbit hole goes DEEP if you look into the hidden geometry and numbers embedded into things such as Washington D.C.’s architecture.



“Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do.” -J. P. Morgan

Although a major goal of Feng Shui is the attraction of prosperity or “good Qi” (energy), it’s not just about generating cash. It’s about unblocking the energetic obstructions that prevent your body, mind, and wealth from reaching its full potential. Wealth CAN mean money – because money is energy and you deserve abundance when you put energy into what you love. However, wealth can be of ANY form that means something to you: rich friendships, security, nature around you etc. By unblocking stagnant energy in your environment, you release mental blockages thus allowing yourself to accept the abundance you deserve. The same way thinking positive thoughts or wearing vibrant colors raises your energetic “vibration,” balancing the elements of your space will raise its energy as well.



Stand in the exact center of your home – you might have to draw a floor plan to find the true center.

Use a compass at your waist and spin to find all 8 sections of your home: S, SW, W, NW, N, NE, E, SE. Figure out which rooms are in which compass sector.


SOUTH ROOM/CORNER – “Fame & Recognition”


2nd ELEMENT – Wood (nourishes fire)

SHAPE – Triangle

COLORS – Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Bright Yellow

COLORS TO AVOID – Water & Earth

NUMBER – 9 (9 candles, 9 lights, 9 of anything red)

The South is all about your contribution to the world. It’s translated as “The Light Within.” The more brightly lit the South corner of your house is, the better will be your good name. Enhance this area when you want more recognition, want to establish a good reputation, or would like to be well known for something you do. Put something here that symbolizes the legacy you wish to leave.

RECOMMENDED DÉCOR – The color red is very effective in activating this section: red lampshades, pillows, candles, etc. Fireplaces and paintings with red as the dominant color are great. Display diplomas, awards, symbols of victory, and especially VISION BOARDS here!

SOUTHWEST ROOM/CORNER – “Love Relationships & Marriage”


2nd ELEMENT – Fire (nourishes earth)

SHAPE – Square

COLORS – Pink, Sandy/Earthy, Red, Purple, Coral

COLORS TO AVOID – Water, Metal, & Wood

NUMBER – 2 (2 pink crystals or rocks, 2 pictures of loved ones)

The Southwest nourishes your love relationships and also the matriarch of the household. Express here the energy that will nourish your relationship (or your ideal relationship). Items in sets of 2 are recommended (2 candles are great, since fire nourishes earth).

RECOMMENDED DÉCOR – Pictures of you and your love, 2 mandarin ducks, rose quartz crystals, tall lights, art expressing the energy and colors of love, walls painted with fire colors.

WEST ROOM/CORNER – “Creativity & Children”


2nd ELEMENT – Earth

SHAPE – Circle or Oval

COLORS – Metals, White & Gray


NUMBER – 7 (7 metal art supplies, 7 pieces of artwork in white or metal frames)

An excellent place for arts and crafts! This section is about creativity and its birthing. Birthing of children, a new idea, a project, or anything that’s creative. Enhance this corner when you want to conceive, to be more creative, or to improve relationships with children.

RECOMMENDED DÉCOR – Art: focus on finding images that really speak to you about a free flow of creative energy. Photos of family and children, sentimental childhood things to evoke your inner child, fresh blooming white flowers, symbols and photos of your life dreams. Statues and figurines that symbolize your goals.

NORTHWEST – “Helpful People & Blessings”


2nd ELEMENT – Earth

ELEMENT SHAPE – Circle Or Oval

COLORS – Metals (Gold, Silver), White, Gray


NUMBER – 6 (6 pictures of your idols/mentors, 6 places you wish to visit)

Always reflect here the energy you want to attract beneficial people in your life. It is also very important to express gratitude here for all the helpful/beneficial energy in your life, as that is the only way to multiply it! Finally, this area gives good energy to and represents the patriarch of the family

RECOMMENDED DÉCOR – Here is a wonderful place to express respect via statues/pictures of a religious nature (examples: a cross, Buddha, holy book, angels, etc). Honor your mentors by placing mementos of them in this area. (Business cards, books, their pictures, etc.) Hang art that expresses the energy of gratitude; you can also hang gratitude affirmations that inspire you. The Northwest also supports the energy of travel, so if you want to travel more be sure to express this! Travel photos, maps, and globes are great.

NORTH – “Career / Life Path”


2nd ELEMENT – Metal


COLORS – Blue, Black


NUMBER – 1 (1 career image or 1 glass symbol that represents your career)

The North brings you the luck of good recurrent income and it can be made fortunate with the presence of water. Placing an aquarium or a specially designed water feature in this part of the house is very beneficial in terms of ensuring the security of the family. If you have a bathroom here, it is important to make sure the water feature is placed just outside the bathroom and not inside.

RECOMMENDED DÉCOR: A big mirror (round or oval), images in black and white of people you admire, a water feature, lots of lights, a big wall mirror with deep blue colors. Terrapins and tortoises are believed to bring wonderful luck to their owners’ career – statues and art depicting them are great. Include symbols that deal with your career goal, hang framed positive affirmations, and use green plants to imply growth. Use a blue or black rug at your front door to symbolically allow the opportunities to flow in like water.

NORTHEAST – “Knowledge, Spiritual Growth & Self-Cultivation”


2nd ELEMENT – Fire


COLORS – Red, Orange, Purple


NUMBER – 8 (8 books, 8 ceramic or crystal stones, or 8 tools for self-development)

This area represents our desire to know more; become more; and learn more. Express here the energy desired for your personal growth, as well as your reverence for the divine presence in your life. Paintings with mountains are amazing here because it strengthens the earth energy. Display art that speaks to your deepest inner core and inspires you to be yourself.

RECOMMENDED DÉCOR: Globe to enhance knowledge of the world, a bookshelf to expand your knowledge, pens, pencils, writing tables, pots or urns made from clay. Good lighting is essential here. You can also have a comfortable chair for thinking, plants to represent growth. This is a wonderful place for tourmaline, amethyst, red/orange stones, citrine, goldstone, moonstone, obsidian, or any gemstone you’d like since they all come from earth.

I put the Feng Shui crystal set I made for my house in my Etsy shop! See it below:

feng shui etVisit my Etsy Shop!

EAST – “Health & Family”


2nd ELEMENT – Water

ELEMENT SHAPE – Square Or Rectangle

COLORS – Green, Brown, Blue, Black


NUMBER – 3 (3 family photos in green wood frames, 3 heirlooms, 3 plants)

This area represents new beginnings, health issues (whether physical and/or mental), family, and friends who are like family members. Hang pictures of your family and friends. Book about nutrition, herbs, and healing are excellent for this corner. Healthy plants are a must!

RECOMMENDED DÉCOR: Fountains, mirrors (square or rectangular), healing crystals that blue, brown, and green in color and are beneficial to physical health, things made of wood, essential oil diffuser, incense. Great place for exercise equipment. Wear green often, as it’s the color of health and healing.

SOUTHEAST – “Wealth & Abundance”


2nd ELEMENT – Water

ELEMENT SHAPE – Square, Rectangle

COLORS – Green, Brown, Blue, Black. Small amount of red & purple for activation


NUMBER – 4 (money in a small wood container or 4 small wood objects)

Because this area is connected to the flow of wealth and abundance, be mindful of representing the energy of prosperity in all your feng shui cures here. You can choose to go for a gold-framed mirror (Water) or an image of lush landscapes (Wood).

RECOMMENDED DÉCOR – Focus on finding art that really speaks to your heart, meaning expresses what wealth means to you. Water features like fountains will keep your abundance flowing.

Do you feng shui your home? Let me know in the comments! xx

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Hi Olivia. I had a question I wanted to ask you. You probably don’t get many teenagers on your website. But I found you a while ago and I’ve been trying to implement these changes into my lifestyle. The only problem is my parents. My dad is mostly fine, because he takes probiotics every so often and meditates daily. It’s my mom I have an issue with. She’s trained in Western medicine, so she doesn’t believe a word I say about alternative medicine. How can I change my diet and remove harmful chemicals while my mom is still trying to persuade me to eat tons of processed fatty foods? Thank you, -Chloe

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