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How a Higher Power Speaks to Me Through the Number 429

  • Published on: 09 January, 2015
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017

So there’s this number.

I’ve seen it for many years now. It comes out at the strangest times… when I need a reminder that there is someone watching over and protecting me, and when I’m on the right track and am living out my purpose.

There will be a random truck outside my house with 429 on it… I will look for parking for an hour and finally end up in spot 429… etc. For the past year, the number especially comes up when I am writing something important on my blog to share my calling with the world. Remember my post on Ebola & essential oils (that the government hacked my credit card – and Nick’s credit card – 4x for to scare me?)

Well, while I was writing it, my phone started playing a song out of nowhere. I didn’t even touch it. Confused, I tried to pause it, and realized the song was 4:29 long. I knew I had to keep writing, and I knew that it would be risky to do so. But I also knew that I was protected.

Then, one night, Nick and I were having an unusually big fight. After grueling hours of no resolution, we had a huge breakthrough. I typed a simple “I love you” in a text and it was read at 4:29AM. I knew we were on the right track and had just experienced growth, no matter how painful. I knew we would get through this.

While I was writing the parasite e-book, there it was again. When I met Lily? Again. One day, while driving, I started crying because I felt so overwhelmingly grateful that God or a higher power (angels maybe?) speaks to me through this number. I had this deep feeling of purpose in my chest. “This is real. Life is worth it. There is meaning in all of this,” I thought, as tears ran down my face. I looked up through happy tears and the license plate in front of me read none other than 429. I’m lucky I didn’t fly off the road right then and there from shock.

The night before Nick and I left for vacation, we ran to a store to get some clay and paint for our weekend getaway. Two separate times that evening, Nick thought he lost his wallet only to find it hiding in a strange place. He started to take this as a possible omen that we shouldn’t go, but I brushed it off. Once in the store, we grabbed the last two sketchbooks and saw something shiny in the bottom of the box. It was the charm on the left of the photo below, which says “Protect.”


Now I was starting to get worried. I texted my BFFs (Lily, Liane, and Nina) to ask them what they thought of these strange occurrences. While talking, we realized that Nina (who is flying to Thailand on AirAsia and is already worried with all the missing flights) is traveling on the 5th, which is the full moon and the first day Mercury starts to turn for Retrograde. She was also coming home the 21st (the exact day Mercury Retrograde stations – where you should absolutely NOT travel).

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.59.31 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.59.37 PM

After talking to the girls, we realized that perhaps I was seeing these signs because I was meant to give Nina the charm for protection. What if I was only scared because it prompted me to text Nina and inform her about Mercury Retrograde? All of our gut feelings agreed. The charm was meant for Nina, and she would definitely be needing some extra protection on her trip since she’d be flying on the 21st.

I always need reassurance… that’s just the way I am. So I focused and asked God/the Universe to send me a sign. “If I’m not meant to go on this trip, send me 429. If I’m meant to go, don’t do a thing,” I said aloud.

While driving home from the craft shop, I could see Nick’s eyes fidgeting to the odometer. We pulled up to my house and he had the biggest grin on his face. “What?” I asked. “Look at the trip odometer.” In the picture above (next to the ‘Protect’ charm), you can see that it’s on 142.8. We pulled up right in front of my door exactly at .8… not a tenth of a mile more. Nick told himself in his head while driving that if the odometer hit 142.9, we should stay home to avoid danger. Of course, my sign didn’t come, and it was as if God was laughing with me; “Not quite 429! You can relax now.” I’m a stubborn girl and like I said – I need proof. If I had gotten no sign at all, I might have still had anxiety… but because I got 428, I was sure that my bad omen did not come. We drove to Nina’s house and gave her the charm along with a bag of Mercury Retrograde protection crystals to get her through this trip and hugged her goodbye.

I posted what I’ve written so far (above) on Instagram the morning after all of this happened, and soon we were on our way to vacation in New Hampshire. I was getting some amazing feedback from you guys about the numbers you see in your daily life and was feeling more connected than ever to 429.

After a 4 hour drive, we were almost to our destination. I was taking care of GPS directions because Nick was driving, and I told him to make the last left turn too late. He missed the turn, slowed down, and made a u-turn in someone’s driveway. All of a sudden the car jolted to a stop. “Look to the left Olivia. Right now. Look at what driveway we just stopped in.” 


429. I knew we were meant to be here. Once again, we were on the right track and had something to find in these mountains….


Fast forward a day or two: So we’ve been in the cabin doing some internal work, technology detox, and a lot of meditation. The full moon energy was so strong and we were feeling the effects physically as well as emotionally. I started meditating up against the live tree that was in the living room of the cabin. I slipped into meditation very easily and was having incredibly intense visualizations which doesn’t always happen to me. All of a sudden, my body got so hot and my heart was pounding. A bright yellow/golden light started overwhelming my mind and consuming me, as I felt like I was literally moving into it. I got a little panicky (I have trouble letting go in meditation) and immediately opened my eyes to stop.

Nick said, “Maybe it’s because we’re so high in the mountains and closer to the full moon’s energy.” Seems feasible, right? I decided to download an altitude app on my phone so that I could check his theory, and the app also happened to show you your coordinates as well. Want to take a wild guess?


At this point, I knew I was in that cabin, all the way up in the mountains, for a very special purpose. (Well, I already knew that because I kept seeing 429 everywhere I turned, but this was a confirmation that told me I had a mission up there). For starters, I had some serious inner healing work to do, which was pretty painful but so rewarding. Sometimes we’re afraid to admit the negative aspects of ourselves because it means we have to change. And if we change, it means we have a good chance at getting what we want. As great as that sounds, the truth is that deep down we don’t always believe we deserve what we want, so we subconsciously block ourselves from achieving it. I admitted many things in those mountains, and this is the year I will achieve my goals.

I am in a crucial growth period of my life right now, as is the rest of the world. (Like I keep saying, this is an incredible time of awakening where people are realizing the system we’re chained in and how much of our power/freedom is hidden from us.) However, there was also outer healing work I had to do in the form of furthering my knowledge about health and disease… to share with you. I truly believe that I have a deep purpose on this earth to heal others with what I have learned through my own illnesses. (You can read my story here – my liver was failing freshman year of college along with many other issues.) I’ve been so sick all my life for a reason. It has forced me to do SO MUCH digging and research that now I know how to treat any disorder by listening to the etymology and connecting the dots to a root cause. I’ve never questioned my illnesses or asked “why me” – because I know I’ll get better when I learn the lessons I’m meant to share with others who have the same condition.

Eastern medicine says “If it took you 10 years to get sick, it will take you 10 years to get better.” There are no quick fixes in true healing (not masking symptoms with toxic pharmaceuticals.) I was born very ill: cataracts, colic, rashes, my feet were turned in, amblyopia (one of my eyes is weak), and horrid digestive issues. I was allergic to everything (even rice) and was very sensitive to sound/texture. Along with all of these negative symptoms I was musically and mentally gifted; my mom was told I might have a slight diagnosis of high functioning autism but she never pursued it.

I now know that all of these health problems were the parasites and severe nutritional deficiencies (which caused weak organs) that were passed down from my mom. If your mother is not nourished, she cannot nourish you, and your constitution will suffer from birth. My mom ate very unhealthy food, especially during pregnancy, and dealt with obesity before her gastric bypass surgery. She harbored many emotional issues that manifested as a variety of physical ailments, and was taking several pharmaceutical drugs all through pregnancy. On top of that, we’re living in a world full of toxins, so it’s no wonder my body was compromised. As I got older, the health problems got worse. My parents fed me nothing but GMOs and frozen dinner, because it’s all I would eat. I became overweight, had constant infections, viruses, depression, anxiety, developed acne, IBS, and was tired all the time. Then, as I mentioned in my story, sh$% hit the fan after the Gardasil vaccine poisoned me. My liver was in such bad shape at the age of 18 and doctors did nothing but make it worse. I quit Western medicine, and over the last 4 years I’ve taught myself how to heal the body. My liver is no longer toxic, I’ve healed my depression that doctors said I’d always need meds for, I’ve completely cured by cystic acne, and I’ve gotten tons of parasites out of my organs along with stones out of my liver. I no longer have “IBS” (I just call it BS because it was really  parasites and a clogged liver) and the heavy metal poisoning I got from Gardasil is getting better every day thanks to cilantro and NAC. I would say I’m 90% better than I’ve been my entire life, and I’ve done it all on my own. But that last 10% has been nagging at me. I’m still “yang deficient” (cold), especially if I’m exposed to stress, cold, lack of sleep, or don’t take proper herbs every day like ginger. I knew there was something left to learn that I’m meant to pass on.

Before we left for the trip, Nick muscle tested me with some books I wanted to read using kinesiology. My arm muscle said no to every book we tested until we got to “The Magnesium Miracle.” I thought to myself, ‘I just wrote a blog on magnesium. I know it all!’ …Boy, was I wrong. There was so much left to learn. I did not realize the magnitude of magnesium, even after writing a whole post about it.

I spent the week reading this book. It blew my mind, and allowed me to make the final connection I’ve been missing about how Chinese medicine’s interpretation of “yang deficiency” correlates with what we know in the Western world as mineral deficiency. It allowed me to understand parasites and candida better than I have before (parasites eat all your magnesium & B vitamins, but at the same time magnesium & B complex are crucial nutrients needed to break down parasites’ waste products that intoxicate your brain + blood). I realized we are ALL magnesium deficient, mineral deficient, and suffer from low stomach acid. No matter who you are. I will confidently say 98% of us after this read.

I will do a blog/possible video this week on what I’ve learned, but for now read my original magnesium post. Through the book, I learned about a form of ionic magnesium I hadn’t tried before (I just added it to that post) and ordered it right away. When I came home, it was waiting for me on the counter. I opened it, held the magnesium bottle in my hand, and there it was.


PO Box 429. There is NO such thing as coincidence. This trip was meant to teach me about magnesium. The cramps I suffered for the first time in years while away in the cabin came to confirm that for me (caused by “yang deficiency” aka too much cold. Cold is a stressor, and all stressors immediately lead to magnesium deficiency). EVERYTHING happens for a reason. This is the sign I am on the right track. It’s time for me to write a lot more about magnesium and research minerals/body electricity like never before. 429 speaks to me and I hear what it’s saying. This is what I’m meant to do, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

[Discussion: Have you experienced signs like this before? What tells you when you’re ‘on the right track’? Do you have a number, or is it an animal/symbol/song? xx]

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Vanessa A

My birthday is 4/29 and everytime i look at the time on the computer or my phone I always happen to see it when its 4:29pm, EVERYTIME its starting to get scary. ive been told i should play those numbers or find out the meaning of those numbers together. but I as you believe they are a sign.


My number is also 429. I recieve the message when I am doing things that are right for myself, a secondary number I have is 249. Made me smile someone named Sydney also has this number in previous comments 🙂


I really love this post. I actually see the same number, 429. I see it all the time. Is there a way I can message you and share? I really need someone to help me realize what is the message. It’s crazy. I feel though every time I see it, it’s a message I’m on the right direction. My birthday is 04/29/1992 as well. I started to see it more recently over the year. I just noticed it about almost 2 years ago when it started to appear. First it would be the time. Then it started to show on everything else. From bank accounts to billboards. I recently met this guy too and I had no idea where I was walking to and I look up and see him. We began to walk from the store where I saw him and I looked at the price for gas and it read 4.29. I feel maybe I was meant to meet him. A lot of coincidences since then. I recently moved to CA from OK May22. My uncle handed me my plane ticket as a bday gift. Again which is, 04/29. I look at my ticket like anyone else would. My itinary was 429…. my flight number was 29. I feel like it was a sign that I was meant to come to CA as well. This is where I have been living and where I met that guy. Strange enough? 🙂


Could you possibly write a post on how you meditate? That’s something I really want to get into but I don’t know how to begin.


Thank you so much for sharing this story!


That should say “Divine life mission”



I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apcpaorhes!


I love this 🙂 I recently bought a book on Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue because I’ve had numbers stick out to me SO much over the last few years and wanted to see what she had to say about it. When I read about the numbers that stood out to me at certain times, my mind was blown. They are absolutely a huge comfort to me…and I love that you’ve acknowledged yours 🙂 In the book, 429 states “Your beautiful faith in the angels opens doors of opportunity for you and your Dive life mission. Step through those doors with confidence.” It is absolutely amazing to see how much healing yourself is healing others. Keep on keeping on sister!


My number is 429 as well:) which led me here. I see it all the time especially when I am doing things that are really good for myself. Like you said, when you’re on track. I’ve bern seeing it for id say around 8 years now ! This world is such a interesting place and I am so thankful I have the ability to learn and grow from it xxxx


Hi, i would love it if you could share any info you have on aneurysms. My father has one that his doctor think they should operate on but he’s not feeling encouraged. I want to do what’s best for him. Please help if you can…thx a billion for the really profound affect you’ve had in my life!

Milan AGrlCanMAC

Great post. Isn’t it amazing when we start “hearing” the Universe and angels speaking to us? The Universe and angels speak to me in a lot of different ways through people, songs, phrases, email, numbers, etc. They find all kinds of ways to get my attention and as I grow on my spiritual journey, I see that they are talking to me all the time. In the instance of numbers, the numbers 4 and 3 have always played significant roles in my life. Rather it’s these numbers alone, in a sequence or a bunch of numbers being added up and reduced to these numbers. It’s quite amazing.

Grant Bennett

Hi Olivia, love your posts & IG. I’m studying numerology & chinese astrology atm. I wonder were you born on yhe 6th or does your birth date add up to 6?? Vibrations are around us all the time & numerology answers most of our questions & when combined with Chinese astrology. Love n light x


Love this post. I have asthma and have found how helpful magnesium is. I am 100% Mg deficient and so I can’t wait to read your posts about it ! You truly are helping me (and I’m sure so many others) in my journey to health. As a nursing student, with an affinity for holistic medicine, it’s frustrating learning about these topics on such a superficial, “Western med” level; basically, your posts are a breath of fresh air and SO informative. I also totally believe in god speaking to us in a multitude of ways. I’ve always seen triple numbers and 923. Always found such significance and comfort in them. God/Universe/Higher Power speaks to us daily, so long as we listen. You’re such a beautiful soul–keep at it girl! -Kaitlin

Jordan Firth

I absolutely love you! I have chills from this post!! What is your take on cell salts? I got some just yesterday (Hyland brand – biplasma and silcea) and can already tell a huge difference! I will have to get this book! You are such an inspiration!!


Olivia, This is so amazing! A lot of what you write about purpose I can definitely relate to it all. I think the biggest thing for me is that it ALL makes sense as opposed to hearing Western doctors say the same thing over and over. My brother has constantly been sick for the past 4 years. He is known as the ‘sick kid’. I definitely want to parasite cleanse him because I know that is one of his major problems. Please continue to follow your inner spirit and the purpose God has purposed for your life! Your a world changer!


This is great! Thank you for sharing! I’ve been seeing 3’s and 33’s for a while last year and again all this week. Good to know I’m not just being weird


There’s no such thing as coincidence…we’re all here together. Our souls are here together. We’re tied in ways we can’t fathom. This number is not just a number. I’m glad you’ve taken to notice it. Just today at work I had a conversation with a co-worker of mine about this stuff. I’ve found myself in a very freeing, breathable period, which for me, who had a lot to deal with a while ago, is fantastic, but these things haven’t come as easily. With time on my hands, with time to actually contemplate, I’ve questioned a lot of it…we’re wired to wonder of course. It’s been rather challenging for me. So much of it was taking place at once, and then, a hault…Of course after today, that conversation about her experiences years and years ago, I ran into an old friend of mine at the mall. I was leaving, he was coming in. Such a short, but authentic conversation. I had a dream about a few people that we used to perform with together last night…hadn’t run into any of them for ages. There he was. Here this post is. There that conversation happened this morning…and there goes my point again. I’m glad you shared this. There seems certainly more than one reason, I think. Love to you, Olivia


Hi! I’m wondering what magnesium supplement you bought! Thanks!

Kristina J.

I love this post! My number as well as my moms is 444. We ALWAYS see this number and wondered for awhile what it meant. And then eventually I ended up realizing something gokd would always happen soon after or we would learn a lesson and ot would benefit us in some way. More people should listen/pay attention to the signs as well as themselves it really pays off!

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