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Why Animals are Better Doctors than Humans

  • Published on: 12 December, 2014
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017


The other day, we were sitting at Lily’s kitchen table talking about life. We were discussing how you’re supposed to stop at the market each night on your way home so that you can choose fresh food and produce that your instincts dictate you need on that specific day. You know how sometimes you crave avocado? You probably need the glutathione for your liver. Even when you crave chocolate, your body is begging for magnesium and/or trace minerals.

These natural instincts have unfortunately become diluted and skewed by our modern lives and processed foods.

Animals, however, are still in tune with theirs. “Animals are better doctors than humans,” Lily said… and she was right.

In the late 1800s, John Hoxsey (a farmer) discovered a cancerous tumor on the leg of his favorite horse. John couldn’t bring himself to kill the horse and just decided to let him roam the farm at will until he died. Each day, when all the horses were let out to graze, that particular horse would separate from the herd and go graze by himself in another part of the farm. After several months of this daily grazing habit, John discovered that the tumor literally fell off the horse’s leg, revealing fresh healthy skin underneath! It was then, that John Hoxsey decided to go over to that special section of the farm to see exactly what his horse was eating, and made a list of all the herbs in that “special” little grazing patch.

Using his Veterinary knowledge, John began treating other horses with cancer very successfully, using those same herbs that his horse had been instinctively eating! Today, John’s recipe is known as “The Hoxsey Treatment” and has cured many cases of cancer in humans as well. In fact, in 1924, Harry Hoxsey operated several cancer clinics successfully saving countless lives. Of course, the American Medical Association (AMA) and FDA went after him because he was cutting into their pharmaceutical profits made by keeping people sick. He eventually won a slander suit against Dr. Morris Fishbein, head of the Journal of AMA.

Animals show US the medicine. The horse instinctively knew which wild herbs to eat because he could smell the unique terpene molecules in each plant. In fact, drug sniffing dogs are able to smell the odorous medical terpenes that make cannabis able to cure cancer too – they’re NOT smelling THC. Since THC does not have a smell, drug dogs are trained to find one, very smelly (and very therapeutic) molecule called Caryophyllene-epoxide! As the Hopi Elders say, “follow the animals, they know where the medicine is.”

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Brenda Peterson

Hi Organic Olivia! You fascinate me and I know you were born for the purpose for which you serve. What a gift to the world! Okay…I’m forwarding my email address to you so that you can put me on the list to be notified when the next batch of Liv and Lily’s parasite cleansing kits are ready to be re-distributed. I must have one. So PUHLEAZE!!! Do NOT…I repeat…Do NOT forget me. Thanks Liv!!! Your dedication to your life’s work help literally thousands!!!! I’m so thankful to have found you!

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