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Monday Motivation: How to Use the Law of Attraction

  • Published on: 24 November, 2014
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017

Does the Law of Attraction always work? 
Yes! But depending on the wording of your thoughts, it may bring you the negatives we all too often loop in our mind. 

Here’s why: when we think about our fears, they tend to become powerful… we become so comfortable doubting ourselves that the way we word these fears has very DEFINITE language.

“____ is *going to* happen.” or 
“I just know it, my boss is *going to* yell at me.” or 
“He/she *won’t* like me.”

These are definite statements. Yet when we ask for things we want – we do just that… ASK. When you ask, you lay the groundwork and pathways to get what you want. But before you can get the manifestation of it, you have to find some way to match the vibrational version of it. Asking is matching the opposite of what you want, because you’re coming from a place of not having. The question has a different vibration than the answer. The problem has a different vibration than the solution. And yet, we start with the problem to attempt to give birth to the solution. When you simply hope without using the language of the solution, you hinder yourself from achieving it.

“I hope my boss isn’t mad at me. Please!” or 
“I hope he/she likes me.”

The vibration from which you are speaking is that of discontent and scarcity… you’re not happy just yet because you don’t have what you want. 

If we used the same definite language when talking about our dreams that we so often use to visualize our overwhelming fears, everything would change. Instead of asking for what you want, BELIEVE you have it. Know it’s yours. Practice gratitude for abundance and what you already have so that the universe can match that by only bringing you more. Gratitude opens you up – drown in it. Once you’re at a vibration of thankfulness and EXPECT to achieve your goals, you will. “I AM going to have an excellent day at work. I AM going to have good encounters with my boss. He/she WILL like me because I am unconditionally worthy. I WILL be successful today.” See these things in your mind as vividly as you saw your fears and ‘what if’ scenarios. Visualize already having them. Most of all, be grateful for already having them. Focus on the solution. Everything is yours.

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