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How to Overcome Laziness

  • Published on: 18 November, 2014
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017

♢ Laziness can be due to nutritional deficiency. Iron, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and protein are essential for keeping the body active. Make sure you are eating a diet rich in plants (of ALL colors, especially greens) and high quality protein.

♢ Sometimes we may eat a perfect diet but still feel weak and deficient. Parasites’ favorite foods are iron and B12! It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat if you don’t cleanse parasites regularly – they live off of your energy and take your food. (Kit is coming!!)

♢ Your sleeping pattern is another cause. Going to bed too late (after 10:00pm) can send sugar levels in your blood in frenzy throughout the day. Day time lethargy is result of a) inadequate sleep or b) sleeping during the wrong hours and the resulting fluctuation in blood sugar levels.

♢ Indulgence in energy sapping activities is another cause. We lose maximum energy through eyes (eyes = liver!). Being glued to mobile devices and screens waste tremendous energy. It is wise to make an “energy audit report” based on what you do throughout the day and check where you are losing it most.

♢ Procrastination is another energy hungry activity. It takes the mind on free ride. Try making a simple check list of tasks on a sheet of paper. Do as many possible tasks and cross out them on paper. Checklists help in freeing the mind (and the subconscious mind that we don’t realize is worrying) from ever-increasing loads of things to do. Once things are on paper they get accomplished.

♢ Notice your activity and breathing pattern. You will suffer from laziness if your breathing is shallow. A daily ritual of a small workout and deep outdoor breathing helps in fighting laziness.

♢ Built up static electricity – make sure to touch your bare feet to the earth as much as possible to release pent up energy that is bogging you down.

♢ Create a vision board! You have to SEE it to believe it. Visualize yourself taking the individual STEPS that it will take to gradually achieve a goal. Break it down and don’t pressure yourself.

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Rachid Idali

Actually, I liked What you’ve said about Laziness and i find it very useful to lazy people. And i think your post here is a good guide to these people in order to help them overcome laziness and become more productive in their lifes. Best Regards


You published the article at the perfect time for me, Olivia! I have to do just two things for this week: preparing a presentation and learning for a exam for university, but I have been procrastinating and learning more about other topics that are more interesting right now. I am definitely going to apply your tips and I love that quote by Anne Frank! Lots of love your way! PS: Can't wait to

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