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How 1 Dose of Sulfur Got Parasites Out of My Dad’s Liver

  • Published on: 25 November, 2014
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017

Two nights ago, I posted (to Instagram) my diagram of the liver and the book I’m reading, “It’s The Liver Stupid” to explain why the answer to our problems lies in PHASE II liver detox. 

And just yesterday, I posted about onions; they contain SULFUR, which activates the sulphation pathway needed for Phase II. I also bought a pound of MSM (100% PURE sulfur, non-toxic).

I asked my dad, who was a horse trainer… “Did you ever give the horses MSM?” – “Of course”, he said, “It made them build muscle, it made them even-tempered and pleasant… it would pretty much fix everything.” AHA! Why did it make them calm? It detoxes the liver! The liver is the seat of anger and emotions in Chinese medicine. And why did it seem to work for everything else? Because our LIVE-r is everything to us.

I gave my dad just one third of a starting dose of MSM (1/3 tsp). My dad wants a quick fix for everything and doesn’t want to accept he needs to clean up his diet or clean out his body. He reluctantly took the MSM expecting no results. I thought it would make him feel a little better at most. But this morning, I find a dead parasite (sanitized and washed on paper towel, don’t worry) on the bathroom counter. I thought I was seeing things. Did I collect this specimen in my sleep?! Was I sleep-cleansing?! So I said, “Dad… was this YOU?”

YES! It turns out that just 1/3 of a sulfur dose opened up his liver enough that one of his many liver flukes came out. It opened his Phase II pathways that have been trying to release his parasites for years.

For more information about parasites, check out Hulda Clark’s interview below. If you’d like to do a parasite cleanse, you can sign up for our e-mail list to be notified about the release of our very own cleansing kit!

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Samia L.

Olivia, why do you not respond to these people who have questions for you? Just asking, no hostility.



Because I get hundreds of questions every day while trying to create content, handle our products/customer service, and get some sleep in between. I answer the ones that are the easiest to explain and have saved the rest in a file for when I launch my new website with my “ASK OLIVIA” section, so that everything can be archived in one place. It’s too stressful to answer the same questions over and over so we’re condensing them in one space.


Is it safe to combine at the same time sulfur + parasite tincture ? Thanks

kaylee polock

Hi Olivia, Im really new to parasite cleansing, but I’m really eager to do it as i have pcos and also digestive, stomach and QI liver stagnation, according to my TCM. Watching one of your videos on the liver, made so much sense to me on how you explained it. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH for your information!! I wanted to know though do you ship internationally as i live in Australia?? If you do what would be the best foods to eat during the cleanse if i have stagnation in the liver? I.e not cold foods or raw foods. Im actually struggling and a little stressed on what i can eat i have only just found out about the dampness diet. Do you have any advice or recipes that is beneficial for the dampness diet?? Its something that i will have to stick to for the rest of my life, so i want to get it right, especially if i do the parasite cleanse. Also once you have done the first cleanse you mention doing it for another 2 more times, to properly get rid of the parasites. Do you order the same products as the first cleanse for the second and third cleanse? Thank you so much Kaylee Polock

Tori J

I’m currently doing a parasite cleanse with the NOW Foods Wormwood complex. Is it okay for me to also drink sage water and take other herbs too? And does this stuff cycle throughout the entire body, including the head and legs?


Hi Olivia, I was wondering why you never ended up doing an MSM youtube video? I would enjoy seeing that!


Hi Olivia. I am currently doing a parasite cleanse using the Now Wormwood Complex in conjunction with the Psyllium and Bentonite cleanse with extraordinary results (I can’t believe the things leaving my body??!!). I am also reading The Cure for all Diseases at your recommendation and was also doing further research and came across this site, They claim to have the best parasite cleanse available but it is also a lot more expensive than the current one I am using. Have you come across this one at all?

Lorna Burnham

Hi Olivia! Was wondering how to get one of your parasite cleansing kits!? I have terrible ance like in the picture you just posted on insta and my liver is in a serious need for a detox! I would also love some of the MSM your dad used! Love your website and everything you do for your people and followers<33 Keep up the good work! Your friend, Lorna


So which product did you use, the Sulfur Defense MSM or Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals? Also, is it safe to do the parasite cleanse, colon cleanse and sulfur at the same time?

Susie Qs

This is so interesting but scary, too!<br /><br />I would totally freak out if something came out of my body!! Eeekkk!!!<br /><br />I hope that your dad is doing good!!!

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