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3 Types of GMOs & Dangers Explained

  • Published on: 08 November, 2014
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017
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Hide your kids, hide your wife. They’re putting GMOs in everything out here!

Welp. My name is Organic Olivia (and I like to call my sidekick/boyfriend Non-GMO Nick) so you already know how I feel about these pesky poisons in our food. My stance is very clear, but some people are only just beginning to realize the truth about what the government and “Big Agra” is doing to their food. For those of you who are new to this topic, I’d love to give a quick explanation on the three different types of GMOs we see today. (For my other blogs explaining GMOs, click here.)

GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants that are genetically engineered with foreign DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals. These   experimental combinations of genes do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding.

Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe. In more than 60 countries around the world, including Russia, Japan, and all of the EU, GMOs are restricted , labeled or banned. In the US, the government approved  GMOs for use in all food, based only on studies conducted by the same corporations that created GMOs and profit from their sale.

One myth that GMO proponents perpetuate is that genetic engineering is just an  “extension” of natural breeding. The FDA claims that GM crops are “no different from naturally bred crops.” This is not the case at all.   

Natural breeding can only happen within the same species or closely related forms of life, such as two different species of wheat naturally pollinating to form a hybrid. When   breeding takes place in this manner, the genes that carry information for all parts of the   organism are passed down to the new generation plants in an orderly fashion (Latham,   2006). 

On the other hand, GMOs are made in a laboratory by combining completely different species and DNA. The millions of plant cells are subjected to GM gene insertion, which re-programs the entire cell’s genetic blueprint (Wilson, 2006). This is made possible by a gene gun, which shoots bacterial DNA into the cell of a completely unrelated plant. Only a few cells of the plant bond with this pathogenic gene, and the cells that do not “take” are eradicated with chemicals. The few cells that survive the chemical blast are treated with plant hormones to stimulate the genetically modified plant cells (Ahloowlia, 2004). This process of change in the DNA is known as mutagenesis. Mutagenesis either completely destroys the function of a gene, or changes the sequence of letters in the genetic code of the gene, causing it to direct the cell to produce one or more proteins with an altered function.

Different from traditional breeding? Ya. Very.

Corruption Everywhere

On August 10, 1998, British television broadcasted Dr. Arpad Pusztai discussing his findings on GM foods. Dr. Pusztai relayed that he found GM potatoes to cause excessive growth of the lining of the gut, similar to a pre-cancerous condition. He also found “toxic reactions in multiple organ systems” (Pusztai, 2003). 

Pusztai decided to go public with findings to help British citizens, since his research was not funded by corporations but by taxpayers themselves. Within days of the broadcast, Pusztai was “gagged and fired” by the Rowett Research Institute (GM-FREE Magazine, 1999). His research team was split and his findings were completely confiscated. Arpad’s telephone calls and emails were blocked from reaching him. He faced serious character defamation and vilification by pro-GM scientists and government officials in an attempt to discredit the important research released to the public (Scientists Under Attack, 2009). 

But don’t worry. Your government loves you.

Sources later confirmed that the reason Rowett took such action was because there had been a phone call from Monsanto to the US president (Bill Clinton), who called UK prime minister Tony Blair, who proceeded to call the Rowett, ultimately demanding them to fire Pusztai (Powerbase, 2012).

Other scientists were not as lucky. In 2001, Ignacio Chapela and his colleague David Quist tested native Mexican corn and found that some varieties were contaminated by GM seeds (Quist, 2001). Mexico had banned the planting of all GM seed, thus the contamination had to come from imported US products. This was very important to prevent, because native corn is crucial to Mexican culture. Chapela alerted government officials. 

As soon as his findings were about to be published, Chapela was “put into a taxi and taken to an empty building in Mexico City, where a senior government official threatened him and his family” (BBC Newsnight, 2002).

3 Types of GMOs

The first type of GMO crop is called “Bt Toxin” (corn, soy, cotton). These crops are genetically engineered to have a built-in toxic pesticide and to constantly produce it at all times

When bugs try to eat this GMO crop, their stomachs explode and they die. These crops are REGISTERED as pesticides with the EPA, and we are literally eating them on our dinner plates…

The second type of GMO crop is called “Roundup Ready.” The crop has been genetically engineered to withstand “Roundup,” which is an herbicide. We can spray them with all the herbicide we want (5 billion pounds a year), and the crops just won’t die. Unfortunately, everything else around it dies. The worms, the bugs, all the nutrient-rich weeds, the good bacteria in the soil, etc. It soaks into the plant and does NOT wash off. The problem with that is that there’s a chemical in Roundup called “glyphosate,” which DESTROYS our gut bacteria. 70% of our immune system is there. Without that gut bacteria, our bodies don’t produce tryptophan. Without tryptophan, our bodies don’t produce serotonin. Without serotonin, our bodies can’t regulate blood sugar. Diabetes costs our government $279 billion dollars a year. Just to put that in perspective, $514 billion is what is spent on ALL of our health issues combined, including cancer. The projection is that in 13 years we will not have money for any other healthcare at all, except for diabetes. We will not have a health care system.

The third type of GMO is a crop that doesn’t contain an injected pesticide. Instead, it’s genetically modified for a desired trait. They inject this desired trait, but the problem is that it has two promoters on either end of it. These promoters’ jobs are to wake genes up. We the people are concerned that these promoters could be waking genes up in our children’s bodies. We all have latent cancer genes… or maybe even rare diseases that are never meant to wake up. But with these promoters, who knows what’s happening? There’s been no testing on that. And why, all of a sudden, is cancer the number one killer of our children? This is an attack.

Studies on GMOs

Chapela and Pusztai risked their lives to go public with their findings because GM foods are in fact very dangerous to human health. 

According to “Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition,” studies with GM foods indicate, “they may cause hepatic, pancreatic, renal, and reproductive effects and may alter hematological [blood], biochemical, and immunologic parameters” (Dona, 2009). 

Mice fed GM soy showed disturbed liver, pancreas, and tested function (Malatesta, 2003). Researchers found abnormally formed cells in the liver of these animals, indicating altered patterns of gene expression and metabolism (Malatesta, 2002).

Mice fed GM soy over 24 months showed more acute signs of aging in the liver than the control group (Vecchio, 2004). Rabbits fed GM soy showed enzyme function disturbances in the kidneys and heart (Tudisco, 2006). 

Female rats fed GM soy showed changes in uterus and ovaries compared with controls fed organic non-GM soy or no soy at all (Brasil, 2009). Old and young mice alike fed GM corn showed significant disturbance in immune system cells and biochemical activity (Malatesta, 2008). 

A review of 19 studies (including the corporations’ own studies) on mammals fed GM soy and corn (that are already in our food) found consistent toxic effects on the liver and kidneys (de Vendomois, 2009). Such effects are very similar to the markers of chronic disease. 

Although most of the studies completed were performed on animals, human studies have begun to take place. In one study, humans were fed a single GM soybean meal. GM DNA survived intestinal processing and this foreign DNA was detected in the digestive tract (Netherwood, 2004). 

Horrifyingly, the GM DNA transferred to humans’ gut bacterium and changed their DNA, causing it to mutate. 

In another study on humans, subjects showed an immune response to GM soy but not to non-GM soy (Heritage, 2004).

Moral of the Story

DO. NOT. EAT. GMOs. This is a clear attack by our government on the people. They want you sick and dependent on the pharmaceutical industry. Keep your DNA just the way it is and fight back against the system.

For more information on GMOs here is an excellent 300+ page PDF: GMO Myths and Truths

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Wow thanks Organic Olivia


ah I understand now. You are very knowledgeable. Thank you for this information.


Thank you for this article! It is one that everyone should be able to understand! 🙂

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