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Natural Immune Boosters for Times of Crisis (Ebola, Viral Outbreaks, Etc.)

  • Published on: 03 October, 2014
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017

This post has been censored (but I have good news)…

After a series of strange events, I have decided to cut all ties with any essential oil company so that I can blog freely. People were asking me what oils I used, so I joined up with a brand I liked in order to refer readers and build my blog. 

Unfortunately, I kept getting notices from the company that my posts were not in line with FDA guidelines. Since I was tied to an this company, they told me I “had to remove everything.” 

I’m no longer working with anyone because I started this blog to speak the truth no matter what it takes.

I have re-worded the blog post to leave out the E word, and made it a review of the research I’ve done on anti-viral properties of essential oils. You can find it here: My Research on Emergency Essential Oils and their Anti-Microbial Properties

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Evangeline Fae

I came back to reference this article as well. This is unfair and not right. Why do we have the FDA again? Ugh. I'm so sorry this happened to you and even sorrier for the thousands of people that could've been helped.

Kimberly Brown

I'm sorry that happened to you. It was an incredible article. I came back to reference it again, so to see all of your handwork gone is shocking and heartbreaking…but I remember what I need to remember anyway. Thank you


I am so tired of the pharmaceutical industries trying to take away the freedom of speech and freedom of choice. If anyone should be shut down it should be them. They kill many people in the name of science.

kyle kuharik

What would you recommend for a fifteen month old

Website Design Monroe Mi

Thank you Olivia for sharing the link to my website on Essential Oil Safety. I love your blog. Excellent info. You are adding priceless value to peoples lives. Keep up your amazing work. <br /><br />I too have received a notice and have to make changes to my website.<br /><br />Melanie

Riley Bundy

So proud of your courage.


You are an absolute inspiration! Thank you so very much for all you do. You make me unafraid! Sending strength, power, and good energy your way. Thank you!


Hi !! I must say I really enjoyed this post!!! Nice research you`ve done and keep it up! I`m from Brazil actually, so I was wondering if I can sign up too and purchase from YL. Do you know if they ship internationally?? Customs here in Brazil is really strict … it sucks …. well congratulations again! Loving your blog. 😉


Are any of those oils ingestable? Or to only be used as an application mostly alone, or ever combined? What would you recommend for children age 3-8?

Claudia G.

Thank you for the info. Funny how you write this and the same day this article is released: FDA Cracks Down on Sellers Touting Ebola Treatments<br />

Alison Creamer

Thank you !! I&#39;m about 6 months I on learning about oils. There are SAFTEY percausion to take with small kids but over all it&#39;s been a great journey.

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