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Are You Going Through A Hard Time? Read This…

  • Published on: 15 October, 2014
  • Last update: 10 August, 2017

The other day I went on a drive to clear my mind. On the way home, I started to cry.

It was a solemn cry at first. I was trying to just “get through” the waves of emotion so I could move on and be “okay” again. But the more the waves crashed, the more I stopped fighting it.

It’s OKAY to not be okay. 

It’s okay to feel sad. In fact, it’s a gift to FEEL at all. I stopped trying to “get through” and instead let the emotion flow. I felt it in my soul, and more importantly, I gave myself permission to. I wailed, hard. I made those strange noises you make when you’re sobbing that sound like a mix between a whale and a goat. It was real.

Those sounds were my body releasing. Everything is energy… SOUND is energy… I was letting go of pent up, jumbled up energy — so it came out just as jumbled.

But only when I let go did I find something to hold on to. I realized that whatever I was going through was part of the plan. It was by my own design. How could I grow if I wasn’t feeling pain?

How could the lesson stick if I wasn’t humbled enough by discomfort to listen?

Trust your struggle. We are here to grow and evolve. If you can’t pass a lesson in the school of life, you will have to retake it until you can move on. The universe will keep giving you the SAME obstacle in different forms until you get what you need from it.

If you feel the way I felt that day, know that the world is not against you. Wherever you are right now is exactly where you’re meant to be. The hardship you’re experiencing is teaching you something.

Find meaning. Find meaning in it all.

The world loves you. And so do I!

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You know you can do this, and just so you know, I believe in you as well. All the love and positivity coming your way!<br />

Jessica Dickerson

Chin up, Olivia. I&#39;m glad you felt a release. It&#39;s very mindful of you to find power in the struggle. You&#39;re going places, girl! Xoxo


I just balled up reading this, in my car haha. Thank you, i needed to hear this today &lt;3

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