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CDC Whistleblower: MMR Vaccine & Autism Connection?

  • Published on: 26 August, 2014
  • Last update: 26 January, 2016

“Oh my God.  I cannot believe we did what we did, but we did.” – Dr. William Thompson

By November 2001, the CDC knew that the younger the age you are exposed to the MMR vaccine, the more likely you are to develop autism. Yet in 2004, they published what we now find out are fraudulent results, claiming MMR was “safe.” (Source, original article found at Natural News.)

A top scientist and researcher for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. William Thompson Ph.D, who did the major research safety study for the Measles Mumps and Rubella Vaccine (MMR) has come forward as a whistleblower and admitted that the MMR study was in fact fraudulent. At first, Dr. Thompson attempted to remain anonymous. He made contact with Dr. Brian Hooker, the father of a vaccine-injured child with autism and a vaccine researcher, and told him everything.

Dr. Thompson first presented Dr. Hooker with evidence when he made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for original data on the DeStefano et al MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and autism study.  On August 8, 2014, Dr. Hooker published the REAL findings: African-American boys receiving their first MMR vaccine before 36 months of age are 340% more likely to develop autism vs. after 36 months. Why African-American boys? Scroll to the end of this article to read my speculation on the connection between Vitamin D deficiency in American-Americans and vaccine-induced autism.

The CDC documents from Congress and discussions that Hooker had with the whistleblower reveal “widespread manipulation of scientific data and top-down pressure on CDC scientists to support fraudulent application of government policies on vaccine safety” (Source). Based on raw data used in the 2004 DeStefano et al study obtained under FOIA, Dr. Hooker found that the link between MMR vaccination and autism in African-American boys was obscured by the introduction of irrelevant and unnecessary birth certificate criteria — ostensibly to reduce the size of the study.

According to this Yahoo! Finance article, the only mainstream news outlet that has picked up the story (why finance?), David Lewis, PhD, former senior-level microbiologist with the U.S. EPA’s Office of Research & Development had wisdom to add to the situation. “Skewing scientific data to support government policies is a major problem at federal agencies, including EPA, CDC, and USDA,” he says. Lewis, who was fired by the EPA for publishing papers in Nature that questioned the science the agency uses to support certain regulations, believes “top-down pressure on federal scientists and researchers working on government-funded projects in academia is jeopardizing public health.”
“Working for the government is no different than working for corporations. You either toe the line or find yourself looking for another way to make a living,” Lewis says. “No one would be surprised if Merck published unreliable data supporting the safety of its products. Why would anyone be surprised that the CDC is publishing skewed data to conclude that the vaccines it recommends are safe? We need a better system, where scientists are free to be honest.”

MERCK (the MMR vaccine producer) killed 661,000 Americans over 7 years on VIOXX. Not one employee went to jail, and MERCK’s insurance company paid the $5.17 billion dollar fine. The company copped a plea under a US Department Of Justice Consent Decree Order as “a self admitted criminal organization” with another $1.1 billion dollars in criminal penalties. However, MERCK made at least $27 billion gross on the VIOXX scam in revenues over this period.
Media Blackout
Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to maintain a total media blackout on the story, alternative and social media are quickly spreading the news. Now Rob Schneider, famous for his many roles in popular comedy movies, is urging the political leadership of California to investigate the fraud. More importantly, he also says he has a copy of “the original CDC report that was later suppressed and fraudulently changed.”

— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) August 26, 2014

In an open letter on the Canary Party website, Rob says, “This policy of one size fits all Vaccine schedule for every child is as absurd as giving the same eye prescription glasses to every child. The fact is every child is different and there is currently NO SYSTEM or thought to which child could be more susceptible to adverse reactions including permanent injury and death from any Vaccine or Vaccine ingredients.

Following Rob’s letter, Laura Hayes of sent this email, summarizing the irrefutable evidence of scientific fraud carried out by the CDC. She provided the review of the NVICP, which revealed that the government had indeed been compensating cases of vaccine-induced autism for well over 2 decades, despite CDC representatives claiming publicly that such a case had never been compensated. She also linked to the CDC cover-up of what they found in Brick Township, NJ, back in the late ’90s, when they discovered a vaccine link to the epidemic numbers of young children with autism. You can watch a YouTube presentation of the data here.

Landmark ruling in an Italian court says Valentino Bocca’s autism was provoked by the MMR vaccine

From the Daily Mail UK: Valentino Bocca was given an MMR shot in 2004, at the age of 15 months. According to his parents, the change in his behavior was immediate. That same night he refused to eat, and he developed diarrhea during the night. It quickly went downhill from there. Within days he was no longer able to put a spoon to his mouth, and he spent nights crying in pain. His parents immediately suspected the vaccination, but were told this was “impossible.” Valentino progressively regressed, and received the diagnosis of autism a year later.
In the final analysis, the Italian Health Ministry disagreed with the initial conclusion of the pediatrician, conceding that the vaccine was at fault.

As a result, a court in Rimini, Italy recently awarded the Bocca family a 15-year annuity totaling 174,000 Euros (just under $220,000), plus reimbursement for court costs, ruling that Valentino “has been damaged by irreversible complications due to vaccination (prophylaxis trivalent MMR).” (Source)

How one mom reversed her son’s autism following the MMR vaccine:

Upon posting about this topic on Instagram, I received a comment from this amazing mother who dove head-first into a clean diet and extensive detox and vitamin protocol. She ended up completely reversing her son’s autism! The book she is referring to Karen Seroussi’s:

Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: A Mother’s Story of Research & Recovery

When Karen’s nineteen-month-old son, Miles, was diagnosed with autism, she and her husband researched around the clock. They traced the onset of their child’s problems to an immune system breakdown that coincided with his vaccinations. As a result, his digestive system was unable to break down certain proteins, which in turn led to abnormal brain development.

What shocked me most about this mother’s testimony was what happened to her son during the chelation of mercury and heavy metals. As you can see in her comment, she says, “He used to sweat so badly while sleeping, he would leave rust stained rings on the sheets where his little body lay.” Regardless of whether you “believe” in an autism and vaccine connection, the proof of how toxic his small body was is undeniable. Why are we allowing this load of mercury and metals to be injected into children? Why is there no safer option? Why is the CDC not doing further research into these adjuvants when children are literally sweating rust?

What’s the verdict? Do vaccines cause autism?

From everything I have read and researched, I hold this opinion: Vaccines can cause toxicity and overload. Some children handle the overload and are able to detox better than others. (We should be looking into why this is! As Rob Schneider said, no child is the same so there should never be a one-size-fits-all vax program!) The root of all disease is toxicity. Detox takes hard work but it is the cure for all diseases, including autism. Do vaccines directly cause autism? Well, they can lead to demyelination (will explain below), which eats the myelin sheath, paving the way for neurological damage to occur. They can lead to mercury poisoning, thus causing liver and neuro toxicity. They can lead to vitamin depletion and gut flora depletion, thus lowering the immune system, causing candida and serious gastrointestinal disorders. In conclusion, they “cause” toxicity and depletion which ‘can lead’ to a host of disorders including autism.

Our medical system is failing us. We won’t know for sure if vaccines cause autism because the CDC doesn’t want to even touch the topic, and as reported above, does a lot of result-skewing to their advantage.

Why I believe vaccines pose toxicity issues… my research thus far:

A demyelinating disease is any disease of the nervous system where the myelin sheath is damaged. This impairs the conduction of signals in the affected nerves, causing impairment in sensation, movement, cognition, or other functions depending on which nerves are involved. There are many demyelinating diseases (MS, ALS, etc). There are also many metabolic and inflammatory disorders which result in demyelination or destruction of the myelin sheath (as it turns out, a huge factor in autism is inflammation). Heavy metals can lead to demyelination as well. Autism is said to involve a demyelination of the myelin sheath of nerves, disrupting nerve transmission.

Common demyelinating diseases include MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy. etc. What do all of these conditions have in common with autism (besides demyelination)? They are all neurodegenerative disorders that are highly related to ATP deficiency. ATP provides your brain and body with energy. Patients with this group of neurodegenerative disorders all have this inability to create ATP because the brain cannot digest and use insulin (Alzheimer’s is beginning to be known as Diabetes of the Brain). However, foods that have certain fatty acids are metabolized into ketones. Ketones are an alternative energy source for the brain. They go through the “back door” and do NOT require insulin to get into the cell! Thankfully, the ‘ketogenic diet’ which consists of 80-90% fat shows excellent results with these disorders.
Now, what else can cause demyelinating diseases and a problem with ATP production (besides inflammation and an inability to metabolize sugar)? Heavy metals, vitamin b12 deficiency, hypothyroidism (often a result of heavy metal poisoning), and a lack of gut bacteria known as gut dysbiosis. And what is often seen in autistic children after receiving a vaccine? Heavy metal poisoning, a stripping of vitamins (especially b12), hypothyroidism (because mercury has a direct toxic effect on the thyroid gland), and a stripping of gut bacteria! As seen in the comment from the mom above, her son had absolutely no gut bacteria in his intestines after receiving the vaccine. This is why so many children with autism have disorders of the gut. 

I believe that all these things, especially vitamin deficiency, play a huge role in autism and are a direct side effect of vaccine ingredients. I decided to look more into vaccines stripping vitamins, because the mom who reversed her son’s autism wrote, “I wanted to add that my son was also depleted of vitamin A. The measles vaccine depletes this vitamin so we had him on a high dose Vitamin A protocol (we used clean Cod Liver Oil).” In my own experience, after receiving the toxic Gardasil vaccine, I became depleted of not only vitamins A and B12, but magnesium as well.

I received this e-mail a few months ago from a Gardasil vaccine survivor:

“My neurologist, who not only practiced western medicine but Chinese medicine as well, feared I had MS, lupus or even ALS triggered by my body’s response to the overdose of heavy metals (there’s that group of demyelination disorders again!). He stated, “My colleagues and I believe we are seeing an autoimmune response triggered by the large amounts of heavy metals found in the three rounds of the Gardasil Vaccine.” Of course, according to most doctors and supporters of this vaccine, nothing is ‘widely known or proven’. My naturopath started chelation therapy with me. I took pure NAC to draw out the heavy metals from my liver. Gardasil stripped my body of almost all it’s magnesium, so I started supplementing that. I also took very high doses of pure vitamin C, juiced, sat in saunas to rid toxins, did lots of yoga, prayer and speaking positivity. I started going to the chiropractor three times a week to relieve pressure from my spinal nerves, and got rid of all of my aluminum pots and pans.”

I also believe Vitamin D is an important vitamin to talk about! Vitamin D status is speculated to be crucial in preventing Autism. A recent study shows African-American men with prostate cancer are more sensitive to vitamin D deficiency—and less able to create and use vitamin D—than men of other races. People with African origins generally have lower vitamin D levels than those with European origins. Could this be why the African American boys were 340% more likely to develop autism after the MMR vaccination?

Vitamin D is a key player in your overall health. The name is misleading – it’s not a vitamin at all, but rather a potent neuroregulatory steroidal hormone that influences nearly 3,000 of your 25,000 genes. It literally turns on and off genes that can exacerbate or prevent many diseases. These diseases include hypertension and heart diseases, which are incredibly common among African-Americans, once again bringing us back to the consequences of low vitamin D levels in this particular population.

Humans get most of their vitamin D from sunlight. When a sufficient amount of it is absorbed into their outer layer of skin, it triggers a reaction with a substance called 7-dehydrocholesterol, which naturally synthesizes vitamin D. Studies have suggested that for those with darker pigmented skin, it takes more exposure to sunlight to start synthesizing vitamin D.

Here’s our next clue. Vitamin D’s benefits are greatly enhanced when combined with Vitamin K! According to Dr. Cees Vermeer, one of the world’s top researchers of Vitamin K, nearly everyone is deficient in it (just like most people are deficient in Vitamin D). Vitamin K exists in two basic forms: K1 and K2:

  • Vitamin K1: Found in green vegetables, K1 goes directly to your liver and helps you maintain a healthy blood clotting system. (This is the K that infants need to help prevent a serious bleeding disorder.)
  • Vitamin K2: Bacteria produce this type of vitamin K. It is present in high quantities in your gut, but unfortunately is not absorbed from there and passes out in your stool. K2 goes straight to vessel walls, bones, and tissues other than your liver. Since we know that vaccines seem to strip your body of its gut bacteria, you can guess that K2 will be a huge problem when a child develops autism after a vaccine, considering you need gut bacteria to even product it.

How do Vitamin D and Vitamin K relate? It is vitamin K (specifically K2) that directs the calcium you eat to your skeleton, while preventing it from being deposited where you don’t want it (your organs, joints, and arteries.) A large part of artery plaque consists of calcium deposits (atherosclerosis), thus the term “hardening of the arteries.” African-American communities suffer disproportionately from atherosclerosis. 

Basically, Vitamin D is the gatekeeper, controlling “who gets in”, and vitamin K is the traffic controller, directing what comes in to where it needs to go. Lots of traffic without a cop means clogging, crowding, and chaos inside the body. In other words, without the help of vitamin K2, the calcium that your vitamin D lets in might be working AGAINST you — by building up your coronary arteries rather than your bones.

Now, to make things interesting, my Chinese Medicine Doctor, Lily, treats many patients who have autism. She uses NAET, which is an ‘allergy’ elimination and detox technique created by Dr. Devi. She agrees that a lot of cases are caused by heavy metals, inflammation and auto-immune reactions that very well may have been triggered by vaccines. Every time Lily goes to an NAET conference, Dr. Devi gives her new vials and vitamins to treat autistic children for, since this is a new and developing field. When you “treat” a vitamin using NAET, you are treating your body’s “allergy” or inability to absorb it. During the last conference, Dr. Devi told Lily that she has been making great strides by treating autistic patients for Vitamin K2! She has also been making progress by treating children with autism for glutathione (which helps the body detox heavy metals), cannabinoids, heavy metals, gluten, casein, MMR, DNA, MSG, yeast, parasites, and more.

So, does a deficiency or “allergy” to Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 make one more susceptible to developing autism after a vaccine? My research points to yes, but more needs to be discovered. I encourage you to research further and send me updates on what you find. I am not a scientist… but the scientists at the CDC refuse to address any of this valid information, so I will continue to look for answers.

The research I’ve presented in this section is a little jumbled, but everything seems to fit into a big puzzle. The next aspect of autism I’ll tackle is parasites and what happens when a child is given a vaccine when they have an existing parasitic infestation, as many children do. It is clear to me that the ingredients, especially the metals in vaccines, overload the body and strip it of its essential vitamins and microbial flora. Because of this, inflammation and demyelination can occur, which presents itself as ASD. Some children do not have this reaction, and this may be because they have better stores of Vitamins, especially D and K2 prior to vaccination. There IS a cure for autism, but it comes with heavily detoxing the child, removing parasites, and repopulating the child’s body with as many nutrients as humanly possible. I encourage everyone to do further research on this, and never stop asking questions!

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WOW!! this is SUCH A GREAT wealth of information!! Vitamin D and K? what! Awesome. I got to print this to re-read it and re-read it. THANK YOU!


Thank you for shedding a little light on this issue. I received the MMR vaccination in my teenage years due to pressure from my mum and doctor. I remember that the injection caused severe swelling, pain and it took a long time for the wound to heal. I would say within a short time I started to feel really tired and put on a tremendous amount of weight. I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism at the age of 19/20. I was put on levothyroxine to treat it. It has taken me 10 years to finally get back to an average weight and live my life again. I am convinced that the MMR vaccine interfered with my thyroid. I never felt well after having it. It completely destroyed my twenties. I am 34 now trying to put the pieces together of a lost childhood. I still feel angry that I was convinced into having this vaccination. I don’t know how I can prove the link because it was such a long time ago… Maybe there are others out there like me.


Thank you so much for covering this story! I have been sharing on FB and twitter like crazy due to the media blackout. My son was vaccine injured and immediately showed signs of autism. He was diagnosed with PDD shortly afterward. We too have worked tirelessly toward recovery, and are close, if not there. Continue sharing and I will too. I cannot bear the though of more and more kids being

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