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Vegan Fudgy Raw “Everything” Bars (Low-Glycemic!)

  • Published on: 20 May, 2014
  • Last update: 27 January, 2016

Here’s the story: last night Nick and I were craving something chocolatey and satisfying. I didn’t want to do the usual brownies or cookies… and honestly I didn’t even want to bake! So, we took out old faithful…. our food processor that my parents have had since the 80’s and never used. It works like a charm and I would never trade it in for a new model. Old is gold!!

It was basically a free-for-all. We put in any ingredients we wanted and hoped for the best. I chose gluten-free steel cut oats, raw pecans, plus one bar of 100% unsweetened baking chocolate. I prefer to use unsweetened, bitter baking chocolate because that means I can add my own low-glycemic sweeteners like coconut sugar/nectar instead of evaporated cane juice!

Nick chose Nuttzo, which is an organic peanut/almond/cashew/etc nut butter. Of course, you can use any nut butter you have on hand! He also included coconut nectar, coconut oil, and coconut chips. Feel free to use ANY and every ingredient you have in your kitchen – I would suggest adding kettle corn and even potato chips for a twist (we have recently found some made with olive or avocado oil, so good!) We really didn’t measure this but I’ll do my best to estimate below.

♡ 2 cups steel cut oats (rolled oats would probably be better)
♡ 1 bar unsweetened baking chocolate
♡ 1 cup pecans
♡ 1 cup nut butter
♡ 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut
♡ 3 tbsp coconut oil
♡ 1/4 cup coconut nectar (add more or less for desired sweetness)
♡ 3 tbsp water to help mold everything together

Blend everything in your food processor. Let the processor run for at least 10 minutes so that the baking chocolate fully melts into the other ingredients. It’s very bitter, so you want to make sure it’s completely and evenly divided into the mixture and no chunks are left. The coconut nectar and nut butter will take care of the bitter factor and everything will taste GREAT as one! Transfer your mixture onto a baking dish, press down firmly until even, and chill for 10-15 minutes. Cut into bars.


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Hey! I was wondering what food processor you use? I can’t seem to find anything with enough power to make things like this, I want to make my own homemade almond butter but I don’t have the machine for it..



I actually use a Cuisinart food processor from the 1980’s! It has been passed down to me from my parents. They just don’t make ’em like they used to. Try to see if Cuisinart has any good ones that they still make today – check the Amazon reviews or call and ask for their strongest model 🙂

Hannah R.

I made these last week and I am making them again this week. My husband and I love them. I ended up using dates to sweeten it as I didn’t have any liquid sweetener on hand. Love that it’s a low glycemic recipe! Thank you.


hey olivia. i absolutely love your blog. i would love to know if you know any blogs that are similar to yours. i am on a journey of eating holistically. i wouldn't say i'm paleo, but i'm definitely cutting back on anything inflammatory (i have hypothyroidism albeit it's a mild case). i'm glad to see people around my age researching about natural ways to cure/prevent illnesses.

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