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Why My Medicine Cabinet Is Full Of Esssential Oils!

  • Published on: 09 April, 2014
  • Last update: 27 January, 2016


Hey everyone! Yesterday I got my AMAZING essential oil air diffuser + big box of essential oils in the mail, and I figured it was time to do a comprehensive post on why you should always have essential oils on hand and in your medicine cabinet. Yes – I said medicine – these oils may look sweet and simple but they are incredibly strong and medicinal. So strong in fact, that you cannot put most oils directly on your skin; they must be diluted in a carrier oil.

The carrier oils in this picture are Aloe Vera oil (far left) and Apricot Kernel oil (far right) since you guys know how much I love my cancer-curing B17! If you missed my post on how Apricot Kernels (which are banned by the corporate-interest funded FDA) cure cancer, you can read it here. Speaking of which, I finally found a way to get them to taste (kinda) good! I melted dark chocolate chips + coconut nectar + a touch of coconut oil in a bowl using the double boiler method (so that the melted mixture is slightly WARM, not hot). Then, I just tossed the kernels in the mixture and refrigerated them until solid.

ANYWAY, back to the magic of essential oils! I first learned about essential oils from a horrible part time job I had at a chain spa, Massage Envy. Although I have a bad memory of this job, I met some of the most amazing massage therapists, energy workers, and acupuncturists while working there. My favorite part of the day was talking to them about herbs, healing, detoxing, and natural living. Without learning from these beautiful souls, I probably would have never believed in NAET and energy healing enough to give it a try (which has now saved my health). The therapists loved using essential oils during massage, but I always thought the relaxation and mood change they spoke of was more of a placebo effect than anything. That was until my friend Radi used rosemary and lavender oils in my first session. The effect was immediate, so I took a bottle of lavender oil home. It turns out that when essential oils are applied to the skin, they go directly into your blood stream and even pass the blood-brain barrier, affecting the brain structures that dictate emotion! 

What is an Essential Oil? 
Essential oils are distilled, aromatic oils that have the characteristic and fragrance of the plant from which they are derived. They are distilled from seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and any other part of a plant you can think of. When you smell the amazing fragrance of a tulip, or take in the powerful and energizing scent of an orange before you eat it, you are being pleased by the gift of the essential oils in those plants. The essential oils of plants not only make them smell good, but give them unique benefits and characteristics that protect the plant and keep it healthy. Of course, these benefits extend to keeping us healthy! 

Essential Oils In History 
Essential oils have been used all throughout history for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Ancient Egyptians were the first to discover the unbelievable benefits. As early as 3,500 B.C., they used Mesopotamia’s distillation pots to extract the oils from herbs and plants. Aromatherapy was regularly included in their health regimen.

So, how can I use these oils medicinally?!
As I mentioned before, essential oils immediately penetrate the skin and cell membranes to provide instant relief from pain, stress, inflammation, etc. They contain oxygen, which goes through your system to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells that are low (especially when you’re sick.) They are incredibly high in antioxidants, which fight disease and keep us looking younger. There is a scale called the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) which measures antioxidant capacity of foods/medicine (it basically rates how well a substance can absorb and remove free radicals). The ORAC value of Clove essntial oil is over 1,000,000. To put it in perspective, kale is only at 1,770. Certain essential oils are antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. This means that essential oils can treat ANY infections and dangers without the use of medicine with side effects.

My medicine cabinet essentials 
(click the names, I linked to Amazon) –

The best quality essential oil diffuser that I found in my price range (Smiley Daisy) is available here.

Frankincense Essential Oil – use for asthma, cancer, depression, infection (colds, coughs, pneumonia, respiratory, staph, strep), immune stimulant, inflammation, muscles, nervous conditions, supports the nervous system, stress, ulcers and vertigo. Dilute 50:50 (for example 1 tsp. essential oil, 1 tsp. carrier oil) then apply 2-4 drops of that on any area of the body, especially those that are in pain (such as ankle sprain, or chest during cold/cough). You may also directly diffuse and inhale.

This truly is the king of all oils. I would never go without this now that I know what to do with it!! Frankincense Oil was found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb in Ancient Egypt. It is considered a holy oil in the Middle East and dates all the way back to the Sumerians. Frankincense contains sesquiterpenes that stimulate the part of the brain that controls emotions. It also helps the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands that produce many of the important hormones in our body. And, it even helps strengthen the immune system by increasing leukocyte activity. It is one of the 50 essential oils that combats cancer, because it “closes down the nucleus to stop it reproducing corrupted DNA codes”(BBC). The squiterpenes delete bad information from cellular memory (DNA) and monoterpenes awaken or restore the correct information stored in the cell at a DNA level.

Rosemary Essential Oiluse for hair loss, alopecia areta, infectious disease, impaired memory, Alzheimers, gout, skin conditions, throat and lung infections, liver conditions, hepatitis, muscle soreness, kidney (cleansing). Dilute 50:50 (see directions for Frankincense). You may also directly diffuse and inhale.

Rosemary oil is antitumoral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, liver protecting, cardiotonic, digestive, detoxicant. Inhale directly through a diffuser or rub on your feet to detox your body. Rub into fungal infections, wounds, and all areas of arthritis. For candida, massage into the feet 2-3 times daily. For constipation, massage 1-2 drops of rosemary essential oil over the lower abdomen in a clockwise rotation every hour until you have relief.

Eucalyptus Essential Oiluse for respiratory and sinus infections, viral infections (herpes), Candida, acne, bronchitis, rheumatism and arthritis, muscle aches and pains, diabetes, measles, migraines, ulcers, wounds, ear inflammation and iris inflammation. Dilute 50:50 (see directions for Frankincense). You may also directly diffuse and inhale.

During an asthma attack, massage 1-2 drops over the chest. Also, inhale the aroma directly or diffuse in the air. Using eucalyptus on a daily basis can increase circulation, a common issue for diabetics. Massage all over the body after a shower. During the flu, you can apply eucalyptus to the abdomen to ease diarrhea, massage into aching joints and muscles, or simply diffuse through the air to fight infection. You can even treat lice with this oil!

Lavender Essential Oil use for insomnia, hair loss, burns, nervous tension, respiratory infections, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, menstrual problems/PMS, skin conditions, blood fat/cholesterol reduction, reducing excess sebum on skin. You can apply this oil neat, no dilution necessary. Apple 2-4 drops to affected areas or wrists/back of neck. You may also directly diffuse and inhale.

Apply to the chest, soles of the feet or top of the head to calm agitation or anxiety. Use aromatically to support heart health and ease atherosclerosis. Apply directly to blisters and boils. Apply topically for dandruff (which is a yeast, lavender is anti-fungal). Apply directly to the lower abdomen, over the reflex points of the feet (heels and ankles) for menstrual pain.

Lemon Essential Oil – use for hair health, acne, seborroea, skin conditions, infectious disease, impaired memory, gout, liver and kidney (cleansing), urinary tract infections, parasites, varicose veins, anxiety, insomnia. Dilute 50:50 (see directions for Frankincense). You may also directly diffuse and inhale.

Lemon oil works primarily with the digestive, immune, and respiratory systems, promoting healthy function in the body.  Diffuse in your room to purify and completely clean the air. Especially useful after painting. For cold sores, add a very small dab directly to the cold sore. Dilute with coconut oil and use as a lip balm to prevent cold sores during flareups. For depression, rub through hair, diffuse in a room, or add a drop to the pillow for the aromatic benefits. Add to your homemade cleaning solutions.

The essential oils that appear in my pictures (all the way above), I purchased on Etsy. Unfortunately, I would NOT purchase from that seller again because the bottles arrived WITHOUT a control top, so I have a really hard time getting the oils out drop by drop and they basically spill and get messy. Big mistake. The links I gave you in the title of each oil will direct you to oils on Amazon that actually have tops, and are 100% pure therapeutic grade. Let me know which essential oils you would like me to talk about in more detail! xoxo

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Hi Olivia – Frankincense is AMAZING! I had a cyst growing in my wrist that kept me doing anything with them, especially yoga. The doctor said I needed to get it removed surgically and it would be painful. I didn’t want surgery and look for other ways and came across Frankincense and rubbed it on the cyst a few times and it went away! It has yet to come back! SO AMAZING. As for the Lemon, I battle depression and definitely want to try that. Do you mix the lemon with aloe and then put it through your hair? For sleeping issues, do you recommend using Lavender in a diffuser while you sleep? Will that help? Thanks, Samantha


I live in Canada and this diffuser is not available on Does anyone have a diffuser or brand they would recommend that I could purchase in Canada or from a Canadian website?


Thank you so much for this info. I’ve just recently learned about EO but have found them so expensive, I know how you are about quality so I’m so thankful to you for sharing your links. 🙂


HI, I love this post so much . It’s opened my eyes. My family is sensitive to scents so I dont know how I will pull this off but its worth a try. I really would love to know more about coconut oil and any oils that help acne !


HI, I love this post so much . It’s opened my eyes. My family is sensitive to scents so I dont know how I will pull this off but its worth a try. I really would love to know more about coconut oil and any oils that help acne !


Hi! I started following you on Instagram and I love your posts. I know nothing about essential oils but am starting to learn about them. I recently ordered the doTerra slim & sassy. Just curious if this is one that can be rubbed on my legs or do I have to add it to water? I read it can help with cellulite but I am having a hard time with the taste. Thank you for any information!


Organic Olivia, I stumbled on your instragram a few days ago and I love it! I would love to tell you about the essential oils I use. They are an absolutely amazing company. They started the company 6 years ago as they recognized a need for quality essential oils that they couldn't find anywhere else on the market. They wanted to create a new standard of quality for essential oils to ensure


Hi Olivia! My sister and I follow you on Instagram and l love your blog:) Do you have any info on oils that can help with seasonal allergies? We live in a big time agricultural area so allergies are at an all time high practically year round.


Reply<br /><br />Here is some great information on essential oils to help with allergies. doTERRA recently came out with an amazing product this spring for allergies called TriEASE. Check it out on my website:<br /><br />=)


Great to know abouth this. I was just diagnosed with ankylosis spondylitis and was looking for natural alternatives now that I need to start with humera

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