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Organic Skin Care For A Cause: Help A Mom Give Her Daughter A Home & Pamper Your Skin!

  • Published on: 25 February, 2014
  • Last update: 12 June, 2017

FINALLY! A skin care regimen for acne that is ORGANIC! I’m so excited to share this line of organic products with you guys, and I’m so happy that this is a chance for me to give back to a mom in my community (details to come below!!). A few months ago, a fellow health enthusiast named Betty Bergnes connected with me over Instagram. She really loved the posts I was making about toxic ingredients in skin care and food, and shared my passion. We have been e-mailing for a while and she recently told me about Pangea Organics. She suffered from pretty severe skin problems for a while and a friend recommended these products to her. They completely transformed her skin, so she started working for the company to share this gift with everyone else and make a living doing something she actually believed in – making people feel beautiful with non-toxic products!

As you guys know, I ditched these ingredients a long time ago. I use the oil cleansing method that I recently posted about for my skin now, but still get the monthly hormonal cystic acne and the occasional skin clogging that comes with digestive issues! I didn’t want to use anything harsh like salicylic acid on my monthly breakouts, so I asked Betty what Pangea had to offer. First off, their products don’t contain any of the ingredients in the chart above, and are non-toxic, vegan, and gluten free. Second of all, they have an entire 5-step acne system AND amazing masks that can pull gunk out of your skin (the missing link in my skin care routine!)

The oil cleansing method I use is great for some. But of course, all skin types and people are different. If you don’t want to go completely back to the basics, and still enjoy using scrubs, masks, and gorgeous essential oil scented body soaps, this is an excellent line for you. It pampers your skin, and it’s the only organic, non-toxic line I’ve seen that doesn’t have any pesky ingredients hiding under long names in the label.

Pamper your skin, and help a mom in my community!
Betty wanted me to help her give back. She sent me some products to try, and told me that if I liked them and believed in them, I could do a blog about the products and give readers a special charity link. If you click my specific link to Pangea’s website, 20% of the proceeds of whatever products you buy will go to a mom in my town. (I’m not receiving any compensation for this post by the way, I just want to help out!) When Betty told me I could pick ANY charity I wanted, I was stumped! I know a lot of charities don’t actually give the money toward the cause, and I wanted to make an impact locally. So I went to and typed in my zip code. I found this amazing mom who is having trouble affording a safe apartment for her and her daughter to live. She is currently living in a shelter AND going to nursing school.

Did you know that most people who are homeless actually STILL HAVE A FULL TIME JOB? They are living out of their cars and still going to work and school, because the minimum wage in this country is simply not enough! ANYONE can become homeless in a matter of seconds just because of a job loss, or even an accident and medical bills. It can happen to you. I’d be homeless right now if I wasn’t still with my parents – I cannot afford an apartment and bills, I’m still in college! Yet millions of people as young as I am are forced to make it on their own. Families comprise nearly 40% of all who are homeless. 42% of homeless children are under the age of 6. Among families who are homeless with children, the majority cites loss of a job as the cause, followed by the lack of affordable housing, poverty, low-paying jobs and domestic violence. This is a serious problem in this country. Shop for a cause today, and get some amazing Pangea Organics care products while giving this little girl and her awesome mom a home. If you don’t want to buy anything but still want to donate to Michelle, this is the link to her GoFundMe page!

Best Pangea Products
Here are some of my favorite picks! Here’s how Betty explained the products:

The first product she mentioned, the skin care discovery kit is excellent. It’s a full system to keep oily skin and blemishes at bay, and it’s a great deal.

My next favorite product is by far the Japanese Matcha Tea Acai Goji Berry Facial Mask. Green and white clays work together to restore, balance, cleanse and detoxify; four sea vegetables re-mineralize, hydrate and oxygenate; and the sugarcane serves to exfoliate, unclog pores and support the skin’s natural production of elastin and collagen. Acai and goji berry extracts are amazing antioxidants and superfoods!!

ALL of the products are high quality. Look around on the site and pick your favorites. Even if it’s just an amazingly delicious bar of soap, every dollar counts!


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Betty Bergnes

Grateful to join forces with @organic_olivia to pay it forward! Are you looking to upgrade your skin care routine to delicious organic, toxic free products? This is a great opportunity to do just that and help this deserving mother and daughter in need! Shop at the link below and 20% of all sales will be donated on behalf of @organic_olivia and friends to help Michelle and her daughter find a

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