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Not A Recipe… But Food For THOUGHT. What Do You Do?

  • Published on: 09 February, 2014
  • Last update: 14 January, 2016

I don’t know how I can explain this… but I’m going to try. Here is how my brain works.

We were given a blank slate which is Earth. It contains rivers, trees, fruits, vegetables, the sun (a huge source of energy) rain, and natural resources. It has all the medicine (herbs) and food we could ever need.

We have been allowed to do whatever we want with it.

When the Grammys were on I thought, we could have created ANYTHING with the earth… but we decided to make a reality where millions of people pay hundreds of dollars that they probably NEED to wait in line to flock to a stage to worship celebrities who are no different from all of us. We created a reality where we HAVE to wake up, go to a job we hate in a big building with artificial light and no fresh air, go to college, get married, have kids, and just blend in until we pass away. Or else we’re not “normal.” Who decided all of this?

Earth is SO TINY. We are a SPECK in the universe. There are thousands of other ‘earths’ in other galaxies that have life-forms that look and think like us. Do you think those other life-forms created the same superficial reality we live in?

When you think about how small earth is… you realize nothing matters. We take life so seriously, but we will all be gone one day! We are given what, 80 years here? That is NOTHING. Why would we want to spend our 80 years accepting this strange reality? Why should we be grateful for even having the opportunity to get a minimum wage job because someone else doesn’t have one? We were GIVEN the earth and it’s resources already.

Why is it that when someone asks “what do you do” we automatically think about the job we too often have been forced into? As living beings of the UNIVERSE (not the ECONOMY) that question should run a lot deeper than it does. NO ONE should be lowered to their occupation, or their scores on a standardized test. NO ONE should be forced to find identity there just because it’s normal. So the next time someone asks “what do you do?” think about what you CAN do for the WORLD.. for your neighbors and friends… think of yourself as so much more than this “reality” has told you that you are. Find your talent and your calling and run with it. Make your OWN reality.

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