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“Earthing” is a VERB – Why Touching Your Bare Feet to the Ground Can Detox Free Radicals for Free

  • Published on: 23 February, 2014
  • Last update: 14 January, 2016

What if I told you that wearing shoes isn’t all that civilized after all? Although it’s common (and usually required in business establishments) today, what about our ancestors who walked the earth and felt every rock, blade of grass, and grain of sand on the soles of their feet? Think about it – we were born without shoes, and instead gifted with two feet that provide balance and support. In fact, humans were born with everything we need; water (rain, streams), food (fruits, vegetables, grains, plants, animals for some), medicine (herbs) and tools for shelter (wood, straw, hay, stone). Somewhere along the line we forgot this when we polluted those streams, processed that food, and stepped into the material world we live in today. The answer to many of life’s problems is keeping it SIMPLE, and actually going BACK a few steps in evolution! By letting go of the material things you THINK you need (that newest pair of shoes) you’re actually getting closer to a more perfect and healthful state.

We all know the sun’s energy is crucial for good health. But did you know the earth’s energy is too? When we make DIRECT contact with the surface of the earth, our bodies receive a CHARGE OF ENERGY that makes us feel better – FAST! This is called “earthing.” 

Throughout history people were always naturally absorbing the earth’s energy (barefoot). But in today’s world, we live most of our lives inside. Even when we do go outside, we usually wear shoes, which prevent the direct electrical connection. So, of course we feel drained and achy – because we go days and even years without ever TOUCHING the earth. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can start receiving benefits of earthing by going outside barefoot; the more time the better. This alone can be life changing and it’s FREE! 

The earth has a negative ionic charge and going barefoot helps to detoxify our bodies by reducing inflammation that is positively charged. This electron transfer neutralizes the free radicals (inflammation) that causes disease. It also stimulates reflexology points on the bottoms of our feet that can activate organs. No matter what, find a way to get outside at some point this week, even if it’s cold – sometimes I’ll bundle up and just sit in the grass with my bare feet planted for as long as I can bare. It instantly makes me feel better, and I can’t wait until the summer time so I can do it all day long!

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Christina Hauri

Great post! I try to go outside in my yard barefoot as much as I can, and I let my girls run around with no shoes on when possible (we live in the desert). I'm very interested in earthing mats as well, though I'm not ready to spend that type of money. I love 'earthing' and wish I could do it more of it – your post has inspired me to make a better effort. I'd be interested if

Olivia A.


So lucky that you live in the desert. That's amazing. I have looked into them but they are costly! I'm going to keep reading about them but for now sticking to the good old ground!

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