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Are Ramen Noodles Even Food?

  • Published on: 05 February, 2014
  • Last update: 04 August, 2017

Here’s the story: Stefani Bardin, an artist and investigator, decided to embark on a live experiment to find out what really happens in our intestines when we eat processed food versus a home-made version of the same meal. She used a small pill containing a camera that films everything that happens from the moment it hits your mouth to the moment it leaves your anus. It’s actually called a mouth to anus capsule. Get your laughs out now cause this is serious sh**! Ok, ok, I swear I’m done.

The processed meal contained Ramen Noodles, blue Gatorade, and gummy bears. The homemade, healthy meal was handmade noodles with flour and egg from the farmers market, hibiscus “Gatorade” and pomegranate juice gummy bears.

Here were the results:

Top Ramen noodles RESIST digestion. They keep their shape (on the left) whereas the handmade noodles with fresh, unprocessed flour and eggs immediately break into pieces ready for the nutrients to be absorbed.
The noodles stayed blue-green from the gatorade for a long time too. Gatorade contains a flame retardant chemical called brominated vegetable oil. BVO has been banned as a food and beverage additive in Europe and Japan. But, it has been used for decades in U.S. beverages such as Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Squirt, and Fanta! Why do they use it? Because the heavy bromine atom keeps artificial flavors from floating to the top of the drink. Yuck. The artificial flavors were enough to keep me away.

Here’s the scarier part – this is a picture of the stomachs after 2 and a half hours. STILL noodle shaped, STILL blue-green!
BVO beverages have resulted in medical treatments for skin lesions, memory loss, and more. According to Scientific American magazine, BVO can build up in body tissues.

Energy is lost when your body cannot extract the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from your food. Processed foods become weighed down by preservatives and chemicals that the body is forced to sort through. You’re fighting to digest substances that provide zero nutrition to the body. The energy used fighting this food-like-substance is taken away from critical vital functions, organs and hormones that need to work at an optimal level. Without this energy, you will feel incredibly sick and tired!

The lesson we’ve learned from this is that you CAN have the meals and foods you love – just make them at home with real ingredients that break down! If you’d like to watch the full video, have a look right here:

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